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Butch Lockley Daniel Lue Roger Sexton Matthew von Ertfelda
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Deena Bennett

35, Riverside, CA
Deputy district attorney

- B.A., Cal State Fullerton.
- J.D., Univ. of Minnesota School of Law, 1992.
- Official CBS bio
- Audition video
- CBS intro (pre-game) video

Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
March 3, 2003 - SurvivorSucks EZ poster yurisympaticos appears with this:
"Hi, I am a friend of one of Deena's closest friends. I was talking to her (the friend, not Deena) last night and she told me that Deena had told her some of the things that went on down there. For one, Deena eventually gets bitten by some sort of dangerous insect that put her through a lot of pain during the end of her game. She made the jury, but did not last very long in the end game. Eventually, she becomes close to Christy, who Deena says was a replacement in her gameplan when another member rubbed her the wrong way. Deena says she thinks she played the best game out there, and was always thinking of different strategies and such. She said she really loved the politics of the game."
- Yurisympaticos on EZ.
January 13, 2003 Manuel Mendoza's pre-game quotes and impressions:
-"Initial impression: Dedicated. Distinction: Has been in the Amazon before. Our prediction: She won't be voted off right away, but she won't make it to the merger."
- "Strategy: 'Not to piss people off in the beginning and show that I'm a team player.'"
- "What could get her voted off: 'There's going to be a time when I'm going to miss my kids and somebody's going to do something stupid, and I'm just going to go off.'"
- Dallas Morning News.
January 11, 2003 - TV Guide (hard copy) quote from Jeff Probst: "Deena knows when people are bullshitting." - TV Guide.
December 1, 2002 - Quoted in an editorial (that ran while she was in the Amazon) that mentions her successful prosection of a Catholic priest for child molestation. In both this, and the case below, Bennett's prosecution touches on a perceived clash between religion and child protection. Potential friction with overtly religious tribemates, such as JoAnna? - Originally in the Californian newspaper.
October 24, 2002 - Won a second-degree murder case against a mother. Notable because Deena left for the Amazon within a week of the verdict in this case. - NBC4 TV, Los Angeles.

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