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Butch Lockley

50, Olney, IL
School principal

- B.S., Greenville College (IL), 1974.
- M.A., Eastern Illinois University, 1994.
- Official CBS bio
- Audition video
- CBS intro (pre-game) video

Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
January 16, 2003 - WFIW AM/FM radio, Fairfield, IL: "Olney Milddle School Principal Butch Lockley is one of 16 contestants slated to appear in the newest edition of the CBS television show Survivor. Lockley dressed up like an albino squirrel for his audition tape." Possible future source of local press. - WFIW site.
January 14, 2003 - "Butch Lockley, 50, lives in Olney, Ill., where he's a middle school principal, but he was born in St. Louis. Probst says: 'Butch is a principal with principles. He said right off that he wouldn't do anything to embarrass himself, his family or his school.'" - St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
January 13, 2003 Manuel Mendoza's pre-game quotes and impressions:
- "Initial impression: Nervous, sincere. Distinctions: Applied to be on the show three times. Played basketball in college. Makes his own beef jerky."
- "Who'll run the school while he's gone? 'The guidance counselor is a very capable person. I slept with her the last night I was home. She's my wife, I forgot to tell you.'"
- "On winning: 'A million dollars? That'd be nice. But I could win $1.95 and be happy. We're in a position in America where we can dream. I dreamed about being on Survivor.'"
- Dallas Morning News.
January 13, 2003 - "An Olney school administrator is among the new group of 16 individuals picked for the hit CBS television Survivor series.... A trim and tanned Lockley recently turned to duties at the Olney school district after taking a several week leave of absence, according to media reports." Possible source for future local press. - Daily Republican Register, (Mt. Carmel, IL).
December 19, 2002 - Survivor Sucks EZ board poster PooPooMint suggests Butch may be a contestant on S6: "1) He was absent from work during the time of the interview process and the taping. He was gone from late October to December 13th. It was all very hush-hush about why he was gone.
2) When he returned to work last Monday (12-16) he was tan and 31 pounds lighter.
3) He was in the running for a spot on Survivor 4. It was down to him and Paschal, and we all know who was picked for that one. From what I understand, the Survivor 'people' told him to re-apply when he turned 50 (which was in September) and he did."
- Survivor Sucks EZ board.

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