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Episode 13
"Slip Through Your Fingers"
Filmed July 16-18, 2002.
Airs December 19, 2002.
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- CBS video: Ep13 Promo
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Episode description:
- TV Guide: "During the two-hour finale, a pair of contests whittles the final four players down to two and the jury votes for the winner. According to executive producer Mark Burnett: 'Think Indiana Jones in terms of how [the final immunity challenge] is presented. The feel of the whole thing is definitely Indiana Jones, that's what we were trying to create.' The finale is followed by a reunion of all 16 castaways at CBS's Television City in Los Angeles. Jeff Probst hosts the event and provides details about the show's next installment, Survivor: The Amazon."

Final Four IC: A netty challenge, Brian wins.

Thanks to a last-minute reversal by the Early Show, finally showing a Survivor preview again, (and especially Griffe at SurvivorPhoenix for putting up vidcaps of this, which we have gleefully stolen), it's clear that the final four IC is the one in which Jan was shown leaping in the post-ep12 preview. The caps show a course of bamboo structures with hanging nets, suggesting this might be a belated Super Challenge, comprised of elements from previous challenges. Here the nets could be a resurrection of the excitement we all felt watching the contestants shove wicker balls through nets. It just doesn't get any better than that!

As for the winner, that's easy, since the post-ep12 preview also showed that: Brian is seen arriving at and sitting at TC, wearing the immunity necklace. Ho hum. But there still remains the mystery of who he keeps and who he disposes of. For Brian's chances at the prize, the best boot would be disposable Jan, with whom he doesn't obviously have an F2 agreement. But Jan may be the only person Clay can beat in the jury vote, so Clay will likely want her kept around. Helen also makes sense as the first boot, because she's more likely to win the F3 IC than Jan.

Finally, the CBS web bullets promise, "Critical friendships end, resulting in feelings of betrayal and rage. Bottled feelings of anger and frustration boil to the surface in a heated final Tribal Council." Helen might accept an F3 boot, but would be much more likely to be angry about an F4 one, especially when Clay and Jan were both vulnerable. Similarly, Jan appeared to be quite comfortable in her unseen arrangement with Clay and/or Brian in Ep12, and the three of them will likely unite to oust challenge threat Helen. So long, Helen.

Probst greets the final four at the F4 IC. Jan is dressed the same as in the preview pics.

Not surprisingly, there are net-containing structures behind Probst, too.

Jan leaps for some reason, yelling "Hallelujah." Which is odd, because she does not win.

Jan land near one of the net-and-bamboo structures. Another exciting wicker ball challenge?

The final four arrive at TC, with Brian wearing the necklace. Exactly what you think it means.

Jan, Clay, Helen and Brian (still in necklace), chat with Probst. Clay is comfy, Helen and Jan are not.

Final Three IC: "Indiana Jones?" - Brian wins?

We have no vidcaps of this, so it could be just about anything, including yet another edition of of "Hands on Hard Idol," or a belated stab at "Fallen Comrades," which was held at the Final 3 IC in Australia. Or, as Clay suggests in saying "the challenges stayed pretty hard right up until the end," it could be another unseen physical challenge. The TV Guide preview suggested this might be an "Indiana Jones" challenge in some way, but it's possible they were referring to the first one. So we dunno. Either Brian or Clay wins, but you already knew that. We'll flip a coin and say Brian wins.

Boot order: Helen (F4) - Jan (F3) - Clay (F2) - Brian (Sole Survivor)

The True Dork Times has learned that the final two are Brian and Clay.

Beyond that, we're just guessing. We're reasonably comfortable with Helen departing at F4 and Jan at F3. But the final vote could go either way, depending on just how charming the jury actually finds Clay to be.

Helen (F4) - Regardless of whether the F4 challenge is Fallen Comrade or the challenge in which Jan is shown competing, the smart move for Clay and Jan here is to get rid of either Helen or Brian. And since Brian doesn't go, Helen probably does. As her husband Jim said, "come here to finish third." Instead, she finishes fourth.

Jan (F3) - By process of elimination, that makes Jan finish third.

Clay (F2) - Brian's strategy looks to be a good one. Having charm skills certainly helps, but convincing someone this beatable to join you in the final two might finally erase the memories of Colby's mystifying choice of Tina in S2. Nah, probably not. Still, it would not be out of the question for Clay to be completely shut out in the jury vote. Not likely, either, given past jurors' whimsical voting logic. Clay may pick up some stray votes, either from disgruntled CGs, or from "Don't Mess With Texas" voters (Erin, Penny, Jake and Jan), who could even give Clay the victory. But we'll still suggest that Brian's margin of victory should at least rival that of Ethan in S3, if not surpass it.

Brian (Sole survivor) - Congratulations, Brian, on a game executed to near-perfection.

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