Fact Sheet and Pre-show spoils

Fact sheet: The Tahiti Presse whipped up interest in S4 with a series of intriguing articles purporting to leak info on the show, as it was filmed. As the show airs, we've come to notice that a lot of their information was, well, not particularly accurate.  To be fair, they were trying to do investigative reporting on a show they'd never seen, and their info wasn't first hand.  Simply put, you have to read their articles skeptically, and try to glean what you can from them, while not taking a (translated from the French) word literally.

Pre-show spoils: Our flimsy compilation of castmember info, from before the official cast list was released. Not much to see here, move it along.

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Fact sheet, a.k.a. "Tahiti Presse vs. reality"
Tahiti Presse story Our interpretation What actually happened
"On Monday, November 12, the Survivor contestants will have to swim to their respective valleys."
Tahiti Presse, November 8, 2001.
Until we saw the previews, this seemed like a plausible story. They got the date right, at least. FALSE. They rowed the two miles to shore in black, inflatable rubber rafts.
"[Two contestants] left the valleys of Hakaui and Hakatea for another secret site."
Tahiti Presse, November 28, 2001.
This implies the two tribes were in the Hakaui and Hakatea valleys. TRUE / FALSE. According to SurvivorMaps, the actual location of the Rotu camp is Hakapaa bay, not Hakaui valley.  Maraamu is camped along Hakatea bay, though.
Survivor Nuku Hiva: Two Competitors 'Voted Off'
"Two of the sixteen Survivor contestants were eliminated during the week of November 24, according to residents of Taiohae, the capital of the archipelago. They left the valleys of Hakaui and Hakatea for another secret site."
Tahiti Presse, November 28, 2001.
This article is followed by one saying that three more have been voted off, bringing the total to five.  That would imply that these were the first two. 

While the dates are clearly wrong, the other implication here is that the first two bootees came from different tribes.

FALSE. Clearly, the first two bootees left the game November 14th (Peter) and November 17th.  So the dates are wrong. 

FALSE for the two tribes interpretation, as well (not necessarily their fault, though).

Survivor Marquesas in Nuku Hiva, Five Candidates Eliminated
"According to people living in Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, there are only 11 candidates left in the Survivor TV game. Three more candidates have been voted out of the game."
Tahiti Presse, December 2, 2001.
This is almost certainly wrong, barring unforeseen circumstances.  There should have been only nine players left on December 2nd, making a total of seven voted out. FALSE. Check the calendar here.
"'There's been an unexpected change in the rules of the game for reasons that I cannot imagine,' said a Marquesan.   According to the same source, one of the two tribes has moved to Hakapaa. It is not sure however if it is the Hakaui or the Hakatea tribe."
Tahiti Presse, December 2, 2001.
(According to Wezzie, the original article in French reports, "...one of them is now in Hakapaa. The second tribe remained in Hakaui.") - Survivor Maps.
Since the timing of this matches exactly the TC reducing the show to nine players, this is most likely just the merge.  Presumably, the merged tribe has to move to a new site. (This is most likely due to the settlement MB worked out with the two families suing him over the land Maraamu was on).

If this interpretation is correct, the merged tribe should be at Hakapaa.

PUSH.  A little flimsy on the details, but was useful in predicting (with extensive re-intrerpretation) a simple merge, and they chose to live at Rotu's camp.
"These nine candidates have now teamed up to create one single tribe. Friday December 7, in the morning, the nine survivors merged into one tribe which resides in Hakapaa where it will remain until the end of the game."
Tahiti Presse, December 7, 2001.
Once more, dates wrong, but the important thing here is the merge at nine part.  They're probably partially right.  We suspect that, like in Africa, the merge is delayed, and they become one tribe at the IC. They may simply delay IC until TC day. PUSH. The date was wrong, as was the number of people in the merged tribe, but the location of the merged tribe was exactly right.
"The "Survivor" TV show goes on. There are only eight candidates left in the game. Another castaway has been voted off a few days ago."
Tahiti Presse, December 12, 2001.
There should be six players left on December 12th. FALSE.  Almost certainly false, barring a major change in game play.
"One of the castaway won a 'challenge' and one of his dreams will come true. The Survivor producers enabled his parents to fly all the way to the Marquesas islands. They will arrive Thursday, December 13th. The castaway who won the 'challenge' will leave 'his tribe' for just one evening. He will be allowed to take a hot shower - the first shower in 33 days! - and will have dinner with his parents. It will certainly be an enormous dinner. The castaway will return Friday to the Hakapaa valley and try to be the only castaway left at the end of the game. He would then win 1 million US$. This will allow him to get lots of hot showers and good meals."
Tahiti Presse, December 12, 2001.
First, a translation disclaimer: the default French pronoun here is "he" - that does not imply the winner is a man (especially since they are apparently writing this before the challenge happened).  The same probably goes for the "parents" part. Neither is predictive of the winner.

Still, this is roughly the time to have this type of challenge, and a greater than 24-hr gap between RC win and family arrival is certainly feasible. Then again, this could just be wishful thinking.

PUSH. With some creative interpretation, you can get this to fit the Ep10 and Ep11 RCs.  Pappy and Neleh got showers in Ep10, and the winner of the Ep11 RC (Kathy's son, Patrick) got to have dinner with his parent.  Not literally true, but the date was also close - Patrick was there on the 13th, and the RC was on the 12th. 
Survivor-Marquesas: only three candidates left
"With only five days left, there are only three candidates left in the Survivor-Marquesas TV show. Thirteen candidates have been voted off the game so far. There will be only two candidates left, Wednesday, December 19th, 2001, for the ultimate test."
Tahiti Presse, December 15th, 2001.
Three left on December 15th? We highly doubt that. (Correct answer = five).

Two left on December 19th? Yes, after the TC.

Final countdown for Survivor: one man and one woman left
"Tahitipresse has learned that, since Tuesday, December 18th, 2001, there are only two people left in the "Survivor" TV show filmed in Nuku Hiva, Marquesas islands. The two candidates left are one man... and one woman."
Tahiti Presse, December 19th, 2001.
Dates are off by a day here. The final two are not there until the 19th.  Could it be a man and a woman?  Why not?  It has been three times in a row so far. FALSE. Logical guess, though.
Final vote for the Survivor winner
"Fourteen of the sixteen candidates voted off the Survivor TV show had to choose, Wednesday, December 19th, 2001, between the two final candidates of the game, a man and a woman.  The fourteen candidates were brought back from New Zealand where they had been sent, far away from all local media."
Tahiti Presse, December 19th, 2001.
So many things wrong here, it's hard to know where to start:
- Fourteen member jury? Almost certainly false.
- Final vote on the 19th? No, that's only Day 38. How did they know the details of the vote before it happened? Hmmm.
- All fourteen came back from New Zealand (where non-jury members supposedly went, or didn't, depending on which TP article you believe) - umm, no. Jury stayed in Nuku Hiva.
FALSE. It's unlikely any of this is true, except perhaps the man-woman final two part.
'Fafaru' and 'nono' among the worst enemies 
"Among the challenges last week for the eight candidates left, there was also "fafaru", a traditional polynesian food (fish left in salty water during several days...) Marquesans love "fafaru" but it is true that it has a very special taste. Candidates were warned : 'If you do not eat it now, it will be full of worms tomorrow!' Three of the eight candidates refused to eat it and were penalized for it."
Tahiti Presse, December 19th, 2001.
We're inclined to believe the core of the story, fafaru eating, at least, is true. One possible interpretation is that this describes the Ep2 IC, with Rotu losing. Alternatively, how do the losers of an individual IC or RC get "penalized"? ALMOST ENTIRELY FALSE. They got the fafaru part right, but everything else was completely made up.  Pretty sad, considering the amount of mainstream U.S. media present for that challenge.

Potential cast members
Contestant Name, info Evidence for / against Other info
Kathleen "Kathy" O'Brien

~45, Burlington, VT

- Outed by her own CBS affiliate (?!), WCAX, Channel 3 in Burlington.  Gave the usual "neither confirm nor deny" spiel.
- Unlike S3 cast, no domain names registered on her behalf by CBS (she has two for her real estate business already).
- Originally from Boston, attended RISD in Providence, giving her ties to the two biggest cities in New England.
- Active in charitable organizations.
- Has run in marathons (yes, very Teresa-like).
Gabriel Cade

~23, lives in Los Angeles, CA
Originally from Asheville, NC

- As posted on Surviiivor.com's spoiler board, reportedly missing from his bartending job in November and December.
- Article about him on supertrendy.com (from where the picture came) disappeared from the net shortly after he was named on Surviiivor's board.
- Appeared on an episode of HBO's Six Feet Under
- Bartender at BB2 castmember Mike Boogie's bar, Belly.
Sean Rector

30, lives in Los Angeles, CA
Originally from Harlem, NY

- Discovered and researched by Snewser at SurvivorNews.net - 8th grade teacher in South Central LA.
- Yet another "aspiring actor," may be the same Sean Rector appearing in the 1998 indie film, Kalin's Prayer.

The official cast list was revealed on the Early Show, February 6th.
  As you can see, the pickings here are mighty slim.  None of the people above are confirmed, but we think they're likely on the show.  If you know of anyone that was on the show (who would have been missing between November 8, 2001 and December 22, 2001), e-mail us.  As with all respectable (cough, cough) journalists, your anonymity is guaranteed.


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