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Mercifully, Survivor: Africa has come to an end.
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The final two
Contestant Biographical info Votes for Results
Ethan Zohn
27, Formerly from Lexington, MA

- Lex
- Tom
- Teresa
- Frank
- Kelly
Episode 13: The winner, 5-2.
"Mama" Kim Larsen Johnson
57, Oyster Bay, NY
- KimP
- Brandon (more of an Anti-Ethan vote)
Episode 13: Shocking F2 finish.

The suckers stuck with jury duty

Sucker Biographical info Final 2 friends Final 2 enemies Booted
Lex Van Den Berghe
38, San Jose, CA

- Ethan. - MamaKim. Episode 13: Booted by MamaKim

Votes against: 9
- Ep7 - Clarence, Teresa; Ep8 - Frank, Teresa, KimP, Kelly; Ep11 - Teresa, KimP; Ep13 - MamaKim.

Tom Buchanan45, Rich Valley, VA

- Ethan. - Wasn't obvious beforehand, but MamaKim Episode 13: 3-1.

Votes against: 7
- Ep6 - Lindsey, KimP, Brandon; Ep12 - Teresa; Ep13 - Lex, Ethan, MamaKim.

Teresa Cooper
42, Jackson, GA
- None obvious.  Really seems to like Lex. - None obvious. We'd vote against MamaKim, if we were her. Episode 12: 4-1.

Votes against: 4
- Ep12: Lex, Ethan, Tom, MamaKim.

Kimberly "Little Bit" Powers
29, Conshohocken, PA
- Tom.
- Got along with pretty much everyone.
- None obvious. Maybe Lex. Episode 11: 4-2.

Votes against: 4
- Ep11: Lex, Ethan, Tom, MamaKim.

Franklin Garrison
43, Odessa, NY

- Might choose a man over MamaKim.  Tough call for Lex versus Tom. - MamaKim? Episode 10: 6-1.

Votes against: 6
- Ep10: Ethan, Lex, Tom, MamaKim, KimP and (gasp, sob) Teresa.

Brandon Quinton
25, Dallas, TX
- Lex. - Tom. Episode 9: 6-2.

Votes against: 6
- Ep 9: Ethan, MamaKim, Tom, Frank, Teresa, KimP.

Kelly Goldsmith
22, Rancho Sante Fe, CA
- Given a final two choice between Satan and Lex, would pick Beelzebub. - Lex. Very, very much.
- MamaKim?
Episode 8: 5-4.

Votes against: 5
- Ep 8: Lex, Ethan, MamaKim, Tom and, yes, Brandon.

The dearly departed

Bootee Biographical info Votes against Relevant info Booted
Clarence Black
24, Detroit, MI
- Episode1: Diane, Tom.
- Episode 2: Jessie, Tom.
- Episode 7: Brandon, KimP, Frank, Ethan, Lex, MamaKim, Tom.
- Sees Lex and Frank as likeable, thought MamaKim was evil.
- Claims he did not get to know Brandon at all. Hmmm.
Episode 7: 8-2.

- Overall: First post-merge boot?  Huge target. Hey, at least we got that right. 'Course, we saw the merge delayed by three days. Oops.

Lindsey Richter
27, Portland, OR
- Episode 3: Carl, Linda, Teresa, Frank.
- Episode 6: Lex, Tom, Kelly.
- We didn't think it was possible for her to get booted, since she had had so little camera time. Lindsey, we hardly knew ye. Episode 6: 3-3, lost tie due to prior votes against.

- Overall: Diane's list - 4; Naysayers - 0

Silas "Chip" Gaither
23, Los Angeles, CA

- Episode 4: Frank, Linda, Teresa.
- Episode 5: Frank, Teresa, KimP, Ethan, Clarence.
- Final Chat and Early Show interviews revealed he was quite close to Tom, whom he never met on the show. Early exit for Tom?
- Conversely, he knew nothing about Lex, despite hanging out at base camp.
Episode 5: 5-1.

- Overall: Time to go see Diane, Chip.

Linda Spencer
44, Cambridge, MA
- Episode 4: Lindsey, KimP, Silas, Brandon. - Managed to go a whole episode without mentioning the gods... sniff, Linda, we already miss ya! Episode 4: 4-3.

- Overall: Diane's list of friends gains another name....

Carl Bilancione
46, Winter Park, FL

- Episode 3: Lindsey, KimP, Silas, Brandon. - Sorry, the correct answer is not "Magnets" remove ticks.  Nope, not "dental tools," either. Episode 3: 4-4, lost tie breaker trivia.

- Overall: It was rigged.

Yesenia "Jessie" Camacho
27, Orlando, FL
- Episode 2: Ethan, Lex, Kelly, KimJ, Clarence.

- Spent a lot of time puking and dehydrated. The next mercy boot? (Hey, at least we got this part right).

- So long, and thanks for all the barf!

- Touchingly, thought Tom's vote for Clarence was a show of support.

Episode 2: 5-2

- Overall: Another mercy boot, rapidly becoming a Boran habit.

Diane Ogden
42, Lincoln, NE

- Episode 1: Ethan, Lex, Kelly, Jessie, KimJ, Clarence. - Completely irrelevant. Episode 1: 6-2

- Overall: Mercy boot, collapsed in challenge.  Seen as weakest member of her tribe.


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