The Sole Survivor is: TINA.
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Final synopsis: Faced with the unpleasant prospect of having to rid himself of yet another butt-ugly Pontiac Aztek, auto detailer Colby Donaldson bravely forced it on his opponent, Tina Wesson, and gladly took the $900,000 penalty for doing so.  After winning the final immunity challenge, Colby was faced with a tough decision: keep Keith around, and guarantee himself the Aztek; or take the safe route, retaining Tina, and least give himself a fighting chance of escaping the Aztek's hideous grasp. Colby, ever the thinking man, chose Tina, then tried desperately to push votes her way during questioning by the jury. Omitting a final statement, Colby felt his job was done, and a mere five months later, an elated Colby whooped with joy, leaping to his feet in ecstacy, as Jeff Probst revealed the final vote, sticking Tina with the weird car/truck/tent-like vehicle.  And a good time was had by all.

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PLAYER The Skinny Points for
Winning the jury vote
Points against
Winning the jury vote
Pulled all the strings so far, and never voted against. Gets Keith to play bad cop.  Shrewd, very shrewd. Will this win her the respect of the jury? Yes. - Friendly to people while stabbing them in the back
- Got the upper hand for her tribe by weaseling Jeff's vote against out of Kimmi
- Organized Jerri's boot
- Friendly to people while stabbing them in the back 100%
(was 2-1)
Final two, but will the jury hold all those challenge wins for him, or against him? Looks like against. -Certainly won lots of challenges - Did he do anything else? Like cook? Hunt? Fish? 0 (was 3-1)

Lost jury vote
Sorry Keith, your game is done, bozo. - - 0 (was 9-1)

Booted, Episode 14
No dice. - - 0 (was 10-1)

Booted, Episode 13
Keith-Tina alliance required to save Kentucky Joe's hide. But only one Kucha can go to the Final Four. Sorry! - - 0 (was 16-1)

Booted, Episode 12
Guess that mini-Colby alliance wasn't too helpful. - - 0 (was 12-1)

Booted, Episode 11
Ep. 10 prediction:
Still the most logical Ogakor target.
- - 0 (was 16-1)

Booted, Episode 10
So long, maybe you can take Mike with you to Burning Man next year.... - - 0 (was 7-1)

Booted, Episode 9
Ep. 8 prediction: Serious drop in under-the-radar bodes poorly for future. An inviting Ogakor target./td> - - 0 (was 18-1)

Booted, Episode 8
Okay, we severely overestimated Kucha's intelligence.  So long, Commander Puker. Was that peanut butter worth taking down your tribe? - - 0 (was 8-1)

Booted, Episode 7
The most unkindest cut... - - 0 (was 8-1)

Self-immolated, Episode 6.
Who knew bathing was important? Note: First case of previews actually predicting bootee. - - 0 (was 20-1)

Booted, Episode 5
Ouch! The new Al Gore. 
Week 3's prediction: 
Others will soon turn on him.
- - 0 (was 8-1)

Booted, Episode 4
Could have taken Jerri down with a speech at the final vote. Shrewdly dismissed. - - 0 (was 6-1)

Booted, Episode 3
Jawohl, herr commandant. - - Booted, Episode 2
That was quick. - - Booted, Episode 1

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