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Oh dear, it's the True Dork Times'...
(A largely irrelevant compendium of Survivor: Samoa contestant information)
Episode 14
(season finale)
Chances of survival
Reasons for survival.
Reasons for boot.
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The contestants Prospects for survival
Natalie White
Ep14: Final 3 | Overall: Winner?
- Several winner clues?
- SurvivorsUnite: Final 3.
- missyae: Final three.
- Lots of pre-Ep1 ad time.
Mick Trimmming
Ep14: Final 3 | Overall: Second place?
- Returned with visible weight loss.
- missyae: Final three.
Russell Hantz
Ep14: Final 3 | Overall: Third place?
- Hyped ubervillain; on S20.
- missyae: Final three.
- SurvivorsUnite: Final 3.
You mean I have to vote for one of those losers? (The jury)
Brett Clouser
Ep14: Toast | Overall: Ninth juror
- First Ep1 confessional.
- Tip to TDT: Fourth place
- Barely any since then.
Jaison Robinson
Ep14: Toast | Overall: Eighth juror
- Probst-endorsed "huge character."
- Tip to TDT: Fifth place
- Has pretty much fulfilled Probst's story. (Or has he?)
Shannon Waters
Ep13: Toast | Overall: Seventh juror
- Shion is Queen: Shannon lost a lot of weight.
- Probst-endorsed "huge character."
- Shion is Queen: Injured shoulder 2 weeks in?
- Ep8 target.
Monica Padilla
Ep12: At risk? | Overall: Sixth juror, 5-2
- - Barely avoided Ep4 boot
- Ep8 target.
Dave Ball
Ep12: At risk? | Overall: Fifth juror, 7-1
- Doing good at keeping his mouth in check so far. -
John Fincher
Ep11: Toast? | Overall: Fourth juror, 7-1-1
- Still overconfident, but has an in with Russell. - So far so bad at booting Monica.
Laura Morett
Ep10: Toast | Overall: Third juror, (5-5,) 6-4
- That F2 deal with Russell can't possibly fail, can it? - missyae: Ep10 boot.
- Ep8, Ep9 target.
Kelly Sharbaugh
Ep9: Safe | Overall: Second juror, 4-7 (idoled)
- Who? - Who?
Erik Cardona
Ep8: Toast | Overall: First juror, 10-2
- Makes it to switch/merge?
- Redmond: Alternates go far?
- missyae: first merge boot?
- CBS video: Everyone (but John) wants to vote Erik.
You said we were going to Treasure Island... are we there yet? (non-jurors)
Elizabeth Kim
Ep7: Toast | Overall: Sixth boot
- - Other people on show "annoying", "got me".
- missyae: Pre-merge boot?
Russell Swan
Ep6: Removed | Overall: Medical evac, day 15
- Probst sorta thumbs-up. - Ep3 tarp decision + rain = soggy future
- tullfan2: Ben pal (pre-jury)
- missyae: pre-merge medivac
Ashley Trainer
Ep5: At risk? | Overall: Fifth boot, 5-1
- Redmond: Alternates go far? - missyae: Next Foa Foa boot (after Ep3)?
Yasmin Giles
Ep4: At risk? | Overall: Fourth boot, 8-2
- - tullfan2: Made up with Ben
- missyae: Ep4 boot?
Ben Browning
Ep3: At risk? | Overall: Third boot, 6-1
- Probst-endorsed "huge character." - Probably the "him" Jaison's army will be fighting.
- chapera rocks: Betsy likes Ben - Ponderosa bonding?
Betsy Bolan
Ep2: At risk? | Overall: Second boot, 7-1
- Lots of pre-Ep1 ad time. - "Intuition" with Russell.
- Not in on the Marisa boot.
Mike Borassi
Ep2: At risk? | Overall: Removed, day 5
- - Shown as potential Ep1 target.
- Shown after Ep1 IC loss.
Marisa Calihan
Ep1: Unclear | Overall: First boot, 7-3
- Lots of pre-Ep1 ad time. -
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