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True Dork Times Survivor 19: Samoa spoilers
Episode 9: "Tastes Like Chicken" Filmed: July 2-4, 2009
Airdate: November 12, 2009
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Survivor: Samoa episode 9 detailed boot spoilers/ speculation
snuffy   One would think that the prior week's targets (Monica, Jaison, Laura) would remain as such this week.

   To boot another Galu member, the Foa Foas need Shambo (who remained outside on the Erik vote) plus one other person. Laura and Monica made clear they weren't falling for Russell's hidden idol schtick in Ep8, but John potentially remains in allied with Russell, at least on the surface. So a Galu could go, and while John would probably prefer that person to be Monica, Russell might suggest "90%" Laura (a choice that would easily attract Shambo's vote).

Update: Further evidence for Laura being this week's boot:
- The "Russell was stupid to play his idol" clip featured in the post-Ep8 preview seems likely to be from right after (the previous) tribal council, and as such, may be the opening scene of Ep9. That never works out well for the lucky victim, which would be Laura here.
- Also, as noted at Blows (by SquidProQuo and Corvis), Probst included this passage in the original version of his EW blog for Ep8: "Erik could not have been cockier. He was absolutely certain the outcome was set. He never-saw-it-coming. Neither did Laura, nor most anybody else on the former Galu." Shortly thereafter, the Laura line was removed (current version here). Although to be fair, it's unclear if it was removed for spoiler reasons, or because it simply made no sense. Maybe he'll blame it on Zyrtec again.
- Finally, Laura has had public viewing parties in Salem for at least the past two episodes, but has announced none for this week's one (as far as we know). Pretty flimsy evidence, but slightly better than none at all.

   If not, the default Foa Foa boot would appear to be Jaison, although from the post-Ep8 preview, it looks like Russell is the decoy boot, so having it really be a different Foa Foa would be a bit odd. Plus the Foas need their numbers, and there are still plenty of Galu cracks to explot.
Update: never mind, Jaison's safe for a while.

   Final verdict: Most likely bootee appears to be Laura.

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