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Episode 6: "This Is the Man Test" Filmed: June 25, 2009
Airdate: October 22, 2009
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Survivor: Samoa episode 6 detailed boot spoilers/ speculation
snuffy   Once again, EW revealed several weeks ago that the second and final medical evacuation would take place in this episode. So that accounts for at least one person out this week. And as the preview shows (as previously alleged by missyae at Sucks) that person is Russell Swan.

    But in looking at the calendar and the schedule of remaining shows leading up to the finale, they still need to ditch two people in one episode at some point between here and the finale, if it's on 12/13, as originally scheduled.
    Still, there's this: missyae 10/8/09 4:01 p.m. "When Russell goes down in the challenge - Foa Foa had a lead and thought they had it won. BOTH tribes go to Tribal Council and sit and talk with Jeff and NOBODY is voted out."
Major update: From the web promo, weekend ads, and press photos, it looks like this will be a single-day episode, and the central event will be the aborted RC and Russell Swan's medical evacuation. Possibly even including the no-boot tribal council missyae mentions above. This apparently will be accomplished by adding an extra episode to the schedule, and pushing the finale date back to December 20th, consistent with a rumor reported by Wezzie at MeSS.

   More as details emerge.

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