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True Dork Times Survivor 19: Samoa spoilers
Episode 5: "Walking On Thin Ice" Filmed: June 22-24, 2009
Airdate: October 15, 2009
Episode 5: RC | IC | HII | Boot | Summary | Future challenges
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Survivor: Samoa episode 5 spoiler/ speculation summary
CBS press release: "THE ELEMENTS TAKE A HEFTY TOLL ON BOTH TRIBES AS HEAVY RAINSTORMS POUND AWAY AT THE ISLAND AND AT THE SPIRITS OF THE CASTAWAYS. When a new power player emerges at Foa Foa, Russell desperately scrambles to regain control of the tribe, on SURVIVOR: SAMOA."
REWARD CHALLENGE: "Samoa Smoothies" (gross food) - Galu wins
rc, probst    A bunch of people sit around and guzzle unsavory smoothies, all while enduring Jeff Probst's constant bellowing. Then somebody wins something. Cheers and grimaces follow.

Click here to find out who wins what.
HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOLS: Shambo visits Foa Foa, for no obvious reason
exile    Now that both idols have been found, it remains to be seen if this will stop the show from providing clues and sending contestants to the opposing camp. Maybe they'll at least edit this part out to make room for more of Russell H's amusing antics.

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IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: "Sack Attack" - Galu wins
ic    The tribes face off in a battle for the blessings of the all-powerful idol. Hopefully with fake lightning thrown in, so we'll recognize the dramatic parts.

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BOOT: Ashley? Jaison?
tribal council    On the one hand, someone's million-dollar mediawhore quest is ending. On the other, their beachfront, free food-and-lodging Samoan vacation is beginning. Who could it be?

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future challenges     Shots from challenges beyond this episode have aired on TV Guide Channel, and been mentioned in TV Guide's print edition. Also, a glimpse of the Ep6 RC, from (at left). Here's our attempt at compiling them.

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