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Episode 12: "Damage Control" Filmed: July 11-13, 2009
Airdate: December 10, 2009
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Survivor: Samoa episode 12 final 8 boot spoilers/ speculation
snuffy   From the web promo, it's clear there are two tribal councils this week, each preceded by an immunity challenge. As has been spoiled by SurvivorsUnite and missyae, the final three appear to be Natalie, Russell H. and Mick. And we've heard the fourth and fifth spots are taken by Brett and Jaison, respectively. That leaves Dave, Monica and Shambo for the first boot of the episode, at final 8.

   Based on Jaison's CBS site video, "Jaison's First Win," the plan up until the Ep11 IC was to boot Dave, and if he won, then Monica. It's unclear which of the two would be the immediate target following John's boot, but it seems plausible that this could be the (first) Ep12 plan again. (Also, Jaison knows Russell has the hidden idol again, despite Russell's claim in Ep11 that only John knew).

   But this would be an excellent time to boot Shambo, and remove the threat of her flipping back to Galu, as Jaison warned in Ep11. Dave and Monica could probably be convinced to vote against her, and would probably be enthusiastic to see her leave before them. And doing so would leave four Foa Foas versus three Galus. Probably Russell's easiest move, if there's any hint Shambo might be wavering.

snuffyUpdate: As for the "Master manipulator Russell pulls the boldest move ever at a tribal council," as the ads claim, he still has the hidden immunity idol (and is shown fondling it in camp in the ads, at right).
    If he could manage to win an IC (no luck so far), he could hand off the (visible) necklace and brag that nobody's going to vote for him anyway, he doesn't need it, then play the hidden one after the vote. That seems a little obvious for a guy who's already found two idols that people know about, but maybe the remaining contestants are sufficiently gullible to fall for it. Alternatively, he could also hand the hidden idol off to the actual IC winner, and have them hand him the IC necklace to draw votes.
    But this might best fit for the second (F7) boot of the episode, since they appear to be rushing past the first one to get to it.

Final update: We thought for a while that Russell's idol-flashing scene above might be coupled with his private discussion with Dave ("Anything that keeps me here another day sounds pretty good"). That would mesh nicely with Russell's Ep11 gloating that whenever he shows someone the idol, they have to get booted, and would explain why Dave's seen only once in the Ep12 ad footage. But Russell's buff is in a completely different position above than in his Dave talk, so they're probably at different times. Still, we'll go with the obvious, and guess that "Damage Control" means getting Shambo back on board by booting her chosen victim (Dave) first (as was suggested by both Oowatanite and MidnightPrince69 at Sucks).

  Also, not that it helps with placement necessarily, but missyae said this about the upcoming episode: "Well you would think Dave would be wiser than he is next week. Why, why, why, would you go after Russell right now. You know he probably has the idol, you know his Foas have been very tight, why take on Russell? The smarter move to last longer would have been to join Russell."

   We also note that in the EW deleted scene, Dave talks about how he might stir up some chaos by making a scene at tribal council, and expose all of Russell's attempted deal-making and alliances. This sounds a bit like the press release tease of "Fearing that he is next on the chopping block, one castaway gives a shocking performance at Tribal Council."

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