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True Dork Times Survivor 19: Samoa spoilers
Episode 1: "The Puppet Master" Filmed: June 11-13, 2009
Airdate: September 17, 2009
Episode 1: RC | Camps | HII | IC | Boot | Summary | Future challenges
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Survivor: Samoa episode 1 spoiler/ speculation summary
TV Guide synopsis: "The 19th edition of the series begins with 20 castaways being stranded on the South Pacific island nation of Samoa. They are immediately divided into two tribes: Galu and Foa Foa. Next, without speaking to each other, the tribe members select a chief who will make all of their decisions. At tribal council, the first person is voted out of the game."
rc, probst    For the first episode, there is actually an RC this time, and not some cheap, race-to-the-individual idols one, either. Presumably we don't need to meet all 20 people just yet.

Click here to find out who wins what.
TRIBE and/or CAMP SHOTS: Lots of smoke and images
tribes & camps    After the RC, the tribes will return to camp, where one will build fire, and the other will not. Presumably, they'll get around to making shelter at some point, too. Here's the vidcap evidence.

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EXILE: There is none (but still... bypass rule? huh?)
exile    Wow, a mere seven seasons after it ceased being interesting, SEG did away with their thrill-a-decade stunt of starvation, rain, fruitless digging, obviously fake idols and overhyped alliances. Maybe Coach actually did slay one dragon.

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IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: "Yank Your Hank" - Climbing/hauling/puzzles: Galu wins?
ic    The tribes face off in a battle for the blessings of the all-powerful idol. Hopefully with fake lightning thrown in, so we'll recognize the dramatic parts.

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BOOT: Mike?
tribal council    On the one hand, someone's million-dollar mediawhore quest is ending. On the other, their beachfront, free food-and-lodging Samoan vacation is beginning. Who could it be?

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future challenges    Shots from challenges beyond the first episode have aired on TV Guide Channel and CBS's own ads. Here's our attempt at compiling them.

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