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Ruth Marie
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More information about Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island contestant...
Ruth Marie Milliman
48, Greenville, SC
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Date, source
January 26, 2006
Click here to watch the full 45-min video at CBS2 Chicago
January 26, 2006: CBSNews video of a pre-game press roundtable discussion about Ruth Marie, led by Jeff Probst, with Mara Reinstein (US Weekly), Paul Adler (TV Guide channel), Shawna Malcom (TV Guide), Dalton Ross (EW), Jarett Wieselman (In Touch). Transcript:

ruth marieJeff Probst: Let's talk about uh, Ruth Marie.
Shawna Malcom: Very perky. Ex-flight attendant.
Ruth Marie (pre-game interview): I'm Ruth Marie Milliman, I'm from Greenville, South Carolina, and I'm 48 years old.
Shawna Malcom: She came in with these braids, you know, and I just, I, she comes across much more youthful than she is. She's the oldest woman in the game, I think 48. I wouldn't have guessed that especially with those Linda Hamilton, Terminator arms.
Paul Adler: She is really cut. Um, you know, she did the um, race in the, the marathon in the Sahara, the 12 days. 12-day trek with the backpack, you know, starting at noon, you know, which is so, utterly impressive. I think she has a lot of determination. She's very quiet, speaks with a little of a lilt. So I don't know how she's gonna be seen by the other women, but....
Mara Reinstein: She's got a Tina Wesson thing going on for me.
Jarett Wieselman: I think the same thing, She told me that she was running in her hotel room to stay in shape. I was like, how do you run in your hotel room? But she wants to run on the island, and I think she'll be surprised at maybe the lack of energy that she has. Because she has so much right now, in terms of what she likes to do everyday. She's like, 'I like to get up and run, and then run again.' She's very athletic, which would be great to have her on your team, but she may not be that person once, you know, the hunger sets in, and then the water problems, so.
Jeff Probst: Well in, she's Tina Wesson in, in a physical sense. Tina Wesson was a, she may be this way also, but what we know about Tina Wesson is: incredibly bright, very strategic and played it so low-key. And everything worked out for her. But Tina was not an accident. Tina played that game really well.
Dalton Ross: We talked to her a lot. She's obviously in great physical shape. I think socially she'll do well, I worry about strategically. She didn't seem to have a plan of action, or, I'm justnot sure she's gonna be cunning enough to do what she needs to do. Now that doesn't mean that she can't ride some coattails along the way, and then use her physical strength and enduarance to get her to where she needs to be. But, that's my concern with Ruth Marie.
Jarett Wieselman : I also think, moreso than any of the other people that we talked to the other day, she's gonna have a hard time being away from her family. I mean, she's only been away for three days now, and she almost started to cry when I just brought up her, you know, 'What does your family think of you being here?'
Ruth Marie (pre-game interview): I get homesick. I've only been separated from my children for 12 days. So I have some anxieties about that.
Jarett Wieselman: So I think the separation for her might be a bigger problem than she thinks.
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ruth marie - pre-game interview ruth marie - pre-game ruth marie in camp

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ruth marie pre-ep1 rc
ruth marie
January 22, 2006: Transcript of Ruth Marie-specific footage from the TV Guide Channel " Survivor: Panama - Exile Island Preview" (featuring pre-game contestant interviews and Jeff Probst comments from circa Ep1):

"Danni Boatwright: Jeff's favorite group? The older women, who are not your average soccer moms. Just look at Ruth Marie.
Jeff Probst: Ruth Marie is the oldest woman out here, and arguably in as good of shape as any woman out here.
Ruth Marie (pre-game interview): I'm a long-distance runner. Um, endurance-type things. I get better as things get worse, and I think I'll be perceived on the very front end as the opposite of that. But the worse things get, the better I personally get."

January 9, 2006: Officially revealed as a contestant on Survivor: Panama - Exile Island on the Early Show.
Early Show vidcaps - click thumbnails to expand
ruth marie, melinda ruth marie again ruth marie chops

Ruth Marie's bio, from the CBS Survivor: Panama site:
Ruth Marie Milliman was born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina, where she enjoyed athletics and was actively involved in Little Theater and competitive ballroom dancing, along with singing in pageants and weddings. She graduated from T.L. Hanna High School.

In 1975, Milliman was crowned Miss Teenage Greenville and participated in Miss Teenage America. She then attended the University of South Carolina, where she eventually received a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice. While in college, she was a member of the Chi Omega sorority and was a cheerleader (she was head cheerleader for the squad in 1979). She also worked as a page for the South Carolina House of Representatives.

During her college years, Milliman was crowned the 1978 South Carolina Watermelon Queen and the 1979 Miss Cayce West Columbia. She attended the Miss South Carolina Pageant, in which she was voted Miss Photogenic by the press.

After graduating college, Milliman was hired by Eastern Airlines as a flight attendant. In 1981, she was appointed First Female Narcotics agent with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Agency and attended the South Carolina Police Academy.

For the past 19 years, Milliman has been involved with and employed in shopping center development. She is currently the Director of Retail Leasing for Centennial American Properties in Greenville, South Carolina.

Milliman has been running competitively since 1992 and holds many road race records in South Carolina. In 2001, she was awarded the YWCA Women in Sports Award. In 2003, she participated in the Marathon Des Sables, a race often called "the toughest footrace on the planet." The competition entails a seven day, 152-mile stage race. She finished second out of 59 women and placed 100th overall out of 677 runners. She was featured in an Emmy-nominated ESPN special about the race, titled "Foot Race Across the Sand."

Milliman is an active member of the PTA for Greenville High School and is a member of the Greenville High Booster Club. She was head coach for the Greenville Track Club Junior Olympic Youth Program for four years. She is also a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Milliman is the proud mother of two teenage children, Anna, 15, and Max, 17. She currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. Her birth date is April 11, 1957.

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