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More information about Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island contestant...
Nick Stanbury
25, Tempe, AZ
Waiter/ Sales
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Date, source
January 26, 2006
Click here to watch the full 45-min video at CBS2 Chicago
January 26, 2006: CBSNews video of a pre-game press roundtable discussion about Nick, led by Jeff Probst, with Mara Reinstein (US Weekly), Paul Adler (TV Guide channel), Shawna Malcom (TV Guide), Dalton Ross (EW), Jarett Wieselman (In Touch). Transcript:

nickJeff Probst: All right, Jarett, give us your take on Nick.
Jarett Wieselman: I like Nick. I think I probably like Nick more than anyone else did.
Nick (pre-game interview): My name's, uh, Nick Stanbury. I'm 25, I'm from, uh, I live in Tempe, Arizona.
Jarett Wieselman: You know, it'll be interesting, because he had said to me that, you know, he was in a fraternity, and he was always the vice president of all the charities. 'I'm a really good number two guy, I'm not the leader.' So I mean, he's going into it sort of assuming that he's gonna need someone to latch on to. And, I don't necessarily know that any of the guys that are gonna be with him are gonna be the person for him to latch on to.
Jeff Probst: Well, and you're also assuming that we're going to stick with tribes of four for very long, which mathematically, we, we couldn't anyway.
Jarett Wieselman: So, it should be interesting to see how far he makes it, because he's another one who's a little bit vanilla, you know, he doesn't have a whole lot to talk about like Cirie does, you know. So it should be interesting.
Shawna Malcom: But I think he actually, seems anyway, that he has a strong work ethic. And that he would be the one that was willing to go out there, and build the fire, whatever would need to be done, that he would step up and do it. And that's valuable out there.
Dalton Ross: I think he's a mix of.... I think he's athletic, he's likeable, I think he has some smarts. So I think he's got a lot of good cards to play. I really think he does.
Jeff Probst: So I didn't get a big vibe from either of you guys, right now, on Austin or Nick. Did they not give you a lot?
Paul Adler: I had a really hard time getting a sense of Nick. He's a really nice guy. Would you really want to go hang and have a beer with him? Yeah, absolutely. He's smart, he's athletic. I don't really get it, otherwise. I don't know.
Dalton Ross: Can you think of a reason, though? I see him out there, and I can't think of any reason to get rid of Nick. I think he's doing well in the challenges, I like him.
Shawna Malcom: He works hard, Bob Dawg will get on people's nerves.
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nick - pre-game interview nick - pre-Ep1 IC nick - pre-Ep1 RC

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nick in camp nick, bobby in camp
nick, pre-ep1 ic nick, austin in camp
January 22, 2006: Transcript of Nick-specific footage from the TV Guide Channel " Survivor: Panama - Exile Island Preview" (featuring pre-game contestant interviews and Jeff Probst comments from circa Ep1):

"Danni Boatwright: Arizona salesman Nick looks like a challenge threat, but for now, his strategy seems to be all about togetherness.
Nick (pre-game interview): I would hate to be overly prepared, in a way. Hopefully there's someone on our tribe, maybe, that really knows what they're doing, which would be great. But it makes it more fun, you know, it's like you go through it together. Let's have some fun with it, um, rather than, um, one or two people really knowing what they're doing.
Jeff Probst: Is he athletic? Yeah. You know, is that worth much in Survivor? A little.
Nick (pre-game interview): I'll play my game. Whatever happens, happens."

January 9, 2006: Officially revealed as a contestant on Survivor: Panama - Exile Island on the Early Show.
Early Show vidcaps - click thumbnails to expand
young men nick nick is bored

Nick's bio, from the CBS Survivor: Panama site:
Nick Stanbury grew up in Riverton, Wyoming. He attended his freshman year of college at Montana State University in Bozeman. He transferred to Arizona State University his sophomore year and received a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and supply chain management.

Stanbury currently works in financial sales and supplements his income as a waiter. He previously worked in radio sales, as a salesperson at Pure Fitness and an Operations Analyst at Parker Aerospace. His hobbies include basketball, golf, weight lifting, fly fishing, hiking, reading and traveling. He describes himself as curious, loving and analytical. He is proudest of assembling the most incredible friends imaginable. He feels he'll be the Sole Survivor because of his willingness to try anything and his enjoyment of success or failure. Stanbury wants to be on SURVIVOR so he can travel, learn about himself in a difficult situation and meet smart, beautiful women.

Stanbury is currently single and residing in Tempe, Arizona. His birth date is July 21, 1980.

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