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CBS: - "20 new castaways will be abandoned. From the beginning, the game will be changed in a dramatic way. Everything the survivors have come to expect will be wiped out in the first 10 minutes."
TRANSCRIPTS and IMAGES from CBS's "Meet the Cast" Pre-game interviews

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Angie: - I work in a bar that's, you know, kind of, beer and a shot. None of that fancy chi-chi cocktail nonsense, you know. People ask "What's a good drink?" I'm like, "Uh, Budweiser, draft. What do you mean, what's a good drink?"
- I'm really silly, and I have the freak factor working for me (laughs). I stick out! Like I'm, I'm the only woman who's ever looked like this on Survivor!
- I'm a hard worker! I'm a hard worker, I'm very organized. You know, I don't leave a job until it's done. And I think that's gonna be one of my really strong points, in terms of like, you know, toughness...
- I don't know! I'm kind of excited to see how diabolical (Mr. Burns hand gestures), but I do have the evil, "ha ha ha" motion down, so... I don't know if that'll help me. I'm actually a really horrible liar. So this is kind of gonna be a challenge for me, to see if I can be a better liar.

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Ashlee: - I am very... goal-driven, and I do have... (ha!) my needs and desires and (ha! ha!) that is priority most of the time.
- My sexuality and being uh... seen as a sex symbol? It's a good thing! Of course it's a good thing. I... I think every woman wants to be perceived as being sexy, and uh... I think that it will hinder me, maybe with the women? They could see that as... a threat to themselves?
- I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter-Day Saints. Being a member of my church has instilled me with the qualities of being dedicated and committed.
- People... would almost... perceive me? To be loud, and crazy and... uh... uhm... and not have the... morals and standards that I do. They're astonished to believe - oh yeah, right, you're a Mormon? And you haven't had sex? And yet you... have huge humungous breasts? Ha ha ha ha! And... you dress sexy? And...
- I like to have fun... and I can have a good time, and... and I can... accept... different views and opinions, and I'm very open-minded. But... that in... no way... will alter... my own... morals and views and standards.
- It's so hard for me to... kiss a gorgeous guy and... get all hot and heated, and... and then say "Oh well! Hold on! That's it! Stop! Th-that's all we can... do," you know?
- I would describe myself as being very... happy, flirtatious and fun. Yet at the same time? I'm also... very dedicated? And... stubborn.

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Bobby Jon: - I'm just a... boy from Troy, Alabama? And... born and raised? Down there? I was raised on fish ponds, and hunting deer, and catching catfish, and... sssss, you know, gettin' in a truck and... seeing how fast you can go, and try to wreck it? I don't know!
- My plan is not change what I've been doing so far. It's got me this far, and I'm not gonna change. Not gonna change it. I'm definitely not gonna push the envelope too hard, cuz then you scare people away. But I'm... gonna... for the most part... just... be me, be who I am, and... and but definitely, stick my hand out there, and... and... put forth the effort in making alliances, I think you gotta put forth the effort, I think sometimes people kinda like, like to coast, and... I'm not gonna coast.
- These M-60s I got right here are waitin' for everybody to come and get a little piece of! Ha ha!
- I'm a stong Christian, and I, the... a lot of things I do and a lot of the ways I... act are ... from... from, uh the Bible, and that's, that's the way I try to live my life. I don't always live it like that. I'm gon-... I'm not gonna get on this show and live like it. I'm gonna have people thinking that I'm the biggest... you know what, but... you know what though? They just gonna have to call me that, because I know when I rest my head down at night, I know God and I have a little conversation, and we get things squared away and straight. And the next day the sun comes up, and we keep on doing it again.
- I'm gonna cut up with ladies, cuz I like to flirt. Ha ha! But, uh... but that's, flirtin's fun, man. You know, it, it, nothing's wrong with, I mean, flirtin's just having a good time. Man,it uh, get, let, you know, pu-pu-puts a smile on people's face, you know, you tell 'em they, you know they... look good, or, you know, "what's going on?", you know, or something. That just, man, it makes people smile, they like that. They need to, that's what they're supposed to get. They're females. They need to be lifted up. (Nods).

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Caryn: - I would describe myself as... lucky. Um, hard-working, ambitious, and fun-loving.
- I didn't have abusive parents, but they were very, very strict. And... we had to everything just right, and we had to be good at what we did, and we had to give 110%. My parents would not accept anything less than that. And that is what defined me from my youth. And what defines me as adult is having three daughters.
- I think I'm perceived as being really, really, really tough. And uh, you know, in my law profession? People say, "oh stay away from her, you don't want to try a case against her." But little do they know that... I have fears, and I cry, and I'm a softie.
- I think I'm very persuasive, I've only lost two jury trials in my career. And... I think I can be very persuasive.
- I think that being an attorney will help me, in several ways. First of all, because I have a keen insight into people, which I have learned from being an attorney who selects jurors to be on MY jury, when I try a case. So keen insight is one thing, and also the ability to persuade is another... aspect of being a lawyer that will come in handy.
- I'm going.,. to go far, in this game. That I can assure you.

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Coby: - I became a funny guy out of sheer defense. Because being the, the gawky gay kid on the playground, you had to have something going your way. So mine was my sense of humor.
- I came out when I was 15. Uh, to my mom, who had a brother who actually died of AIDS. So that's how the subject was approached. So it was very easy for me to come out, quite honestly. Um, and it's never been a problem. Even when I was little, though, like preschool, people have always known I was gay.
- Originally I was gonna turn the girls against the boys. Being the obvious gay guy thing to do. But through this process, I've learned a lot about myself, and I've learned that basically, I'm going to have to attach myself to one or two people that I really like, that really know everything that I'm doing, and I'll push us to the top, and I'll lie and cheat and steal to everybody else.
- I spent some time in jail when I was young, because I was a troubled teenager. But I think that will help me in the game, to be honest, because I know what it's like to be secluded and away from your family. Uh, there was also a time in my life when I was homeless. So I had to sleep on the streets for a little while. I think that's gonna help me in the game. Because you know why, I know what it's like to sleep in the alley in a cardboard box, and have a rat crawl on you.
- I think me being flamboyant is gonna help me in the game, oh yes, it's gonna help me. Because I'm gonna be down by the beach, braiding some girl's hair, sticking flowers in her hair. And all the jocks are gonna be up by the camp, and they're just gonna be like, "Oh there's that fag over there, playing with her hair." Little do they know, while I'm over there braiding her hair, I'm gonna be plotting who I'm gonna take off next. So I'm definitely gonna use their prejudices against them in the game.
- I think my mouth could get me into a lot of trouble in this game, to be quite honest. And so I hope that it doesn't always get me in trouble. I'm sure I'll have moments where my mouth shoots off, and hopefully it'll be at the right times, when they're not gonna hold it against me. I will shoot my mouth off, that's a given. I just, I'm too expressive not to. But hopefully I won't just... be going around screaming at everybody all day long.

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Gregg: - I manage, you know... several types of projects for, um... everything from strategy for projects, with, you know, meeting with CIOs to help define corporate objectives, um, help define a roadmap for the next three to five years, say. And then I also will manage large-scale global implementation projects.
- I'm an athlete, you know, I uh, in addition to growing up playing sports, competing in high school sports, uh... you know, athlete in football, baseball, playing college football, and you know, continuing that... you know, athletic endeavors, with adventure racing.
- I'm the type of guy that's, you know, from a personality perspective I like to hang out with my friends and family. You know, I like to, I prefer a... good dinner, and good conversation over, you know, a loud night out at, at the bars, where you know, you forget everything. I like quality time. I like one-on-one. I like getting to know people. I like learning from people.
- I think from the outside I've had a pretty... good life. You know, there's nothing I can really complain about: good health, good family. I've done well in school and work. But uh... I'm pretty hard on myself, and it stresses me out a lot. You know, it's just... it eats me up on a day-to-day basis sometimes, and I keep a lot of that stuff... to myself. And uh, it, it's, it can be the cause for quite a bit of stress sometimes.

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Ian: - Last year I got to spend a year as the student government president at Penn State, which was... a blast. Um, but I got to, a lot of appliable skills, um, that I learned last year, um, they will help me here. Dealing with people, and learning what it means to have somebody want to stab you in the back.
- I've always said that I could talk a fat man out of his last bag of Doritos, you know what I mean? So, um, something like, this, this game's going to come naturally to me. Being in, being outside is something that I'm really used to. Being uh, with folks, and with people, and learning how the uh, intricacies of community thought and group dynamics work into it, uh, is something that I've always loved to do. So, uh, I love to flirt, and that's gonna be a big part of the game.
- I've always said that not lying, cheating and stealing in this game is like, not collecting the $200 when you pass "Go" in Monopoly. Like, i-it's just part of it. And you do what you can to keep playing a classy game, and do what you can to make sure you don't do those things, but, you know, when it comes down to it, everybody else is going to do it to you.
- I'm probably the most competitive person that I've ever met that, nobody would know it from talking to me. I think I kinda play it off as a kind of happy-go-lucky dude, and I try to be as, as up-front with people as possible. But underneath, I'm uh, I'm pretty competitive.
- But it's just a matter of seeing what the tribes need. You know, where I need to go next, and, and... in order to, to, to make it to the next level. So, I'm gonna be aggressive with it, and, and, and use all the things I have, but I think time, time will tell. I'm gonna use what I have to get to the next round.

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Ibrehem: - I think I'm a fairly interesting person. And uh... I think they, they, they thought that I'd be a pretty good competitor. Or at least I was able to persuade them to think so.
- It's important to, to, to... definitely feel the people out that you're, that you're in this game with. Because uh, I guess they've got the power of the pen. And, uh, that can affect you... winning the million. Um, so uh, I think it's important to uh, to... be able to keep... some good standings with the people you're either on the team with, or you're playing the game with. Uh, I think it's important to be very, very competitive, and uh... you know, of course be a little... conniving. It is a game.
- I like to have fun, I like to laugh. I don't to be serious, serious all the time.
- I get a little... over-passionate or overzealous um... if I really want to get something done. And I can kinda... maybe sometimes be a little tough... on people.
- I, I'm never been a big camper, or anything like that. But I don't think this will be a problem for me, mentally.

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James: - I'm a bad motherfucking redneck, you dang right! I'ma come here an' steal the show! That's what I'm here to do: take a million dollars, and pay off some debts. Cuz I'm a broke-ass, c'mon.
- A lot of folks think rednecks are racists. But we ain't. It's the... skinheads that are racists. We ju- we just wanna drink beer, and get stoned, and hang out with our wives and our kids! That's all, you know? That's all we wanna do. I mean, not drink WITH our kids, of course, but... you know, I'm just a family guy, you know? Mowin' the lawn, you know? Smoke cigarettes. That's all we do!
- I'm a hard charger, I'm headstrong. People gon' be scared at first, but they're gonna accept me, you'll see.
- I'm gonna be the first redneck to win a million dollars on this show.
- Characteristics of a real redneck. You got to be able to drink some beer. Okay? Uh, you got to able to chew some 'bacca. Okay? Uh, you got to have a wife who's a stripper. And uh, let's see... your kids have to be able to mow the lawn before they're five years old. Okay? That's a fact. Okay? Uh, you have to drive a tru- a truck, my pickup truck? It has to be, a lot of miles on it, and it's gotta have a big ol' dent in the hood.
- Your house? You don't own it, always rent. Rednecks rent. They don't buy, okay? It's cheaper to rent, okay? Cuz then they can, it'd be like, gypsies, and move on to the next place.
- They gonna think I'm dumb. Cuz most rednecks, you know, they don't go to college, they just go to work at the steel mill or something like that, you know? Get drunk all the time. So, yeah, they gonna think that I'm dumb, and I'm just... an idiot. And I'm gonna play it, too.
- If I win a million dollars, first thing I'm gonna do with that money is I'm gonna buy a nice spread, you know, for my wife, and the kids. I'm gonna fornicate with her. And uh, then we're gonna go out and buy some tuition money, you know, pay the tuition for my kids. Buy a few vehicles for the kids, they gonna need some when they get older, cuz I ain't gonna be able to afford it, I'll be broke again. And uh, you know, buy me a new truck.

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Janu: - To be a Folies-Bergère showgirl, it's um, very exciting, I've been doing it for nine-and-a-half years. Fell into it by fluke, by accident, was not thinking of doing that. Um, I'm kind of a legacy, my mother was a showgirl in Cuba. Left her island, travelled, ended up in Las Vegas, in the Rat Pack years. However, I never thought of being a showgirl. So... it just kind of happened.
- When I tell people that I'm a showgirl, when they find out that I'm a showgirl, topless is one of the first questions that they want to know about. Um, face it: sex sells. Um, we live in a country that sex is very open, and in your face. However, there's a side of... the world, United States, whatever country you may be in, that it's taboo.
- Part of my strategy I kinda know. I know that I won't be... the leader, the know-it-all, because I'm not the know-it-all. I don't do that in life, anyway. Um, I won't be a bitchy one, bitchy, just bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch. I'm not her to make friends, and I know it's been said before, but... I'm not. I didn't come all this way to make friends. I came here to win the million dollars and be the Showgirl-turned-Survivor.
- This is what I am, so if I can be sexy, and it can appeal to someone, then I'm gonna sex appeal everybody that I can. Ha ha!

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Jeff: - I have a decent amount of experience with certain things that could help me out on the island. Um, not nature-wise, just being outdoors. Um, I love to fish, I'm always hiking, I'm always outdoors. And... being that I am 21, I think that that may give other people a pretty bad disposition... of me. Th-their impression of me is... probably gonna be a little off.
- Whether... I walk away the first guy voted off - which, won't happen - um, or I win the million bucks, um, I want to get in the fire department.
- My life, up to this point, I would say has been a ten on the scale of one to ten. I've... I enjoy the way my whole life has gone, ev- good and bad, it's... they've all led up to very important things.
- Day to day, I'm a personal trainer, I have very flexible hours, I have a lot of free time, I... enjoy doing everything I enjoy doing. I have plenty of time to do what I want to do. And, it keeps me happy, every day I wake up happy.
- I think the biggest thing that surprised me about being a personal trainer is people just, generally, for the most part, don't really care about their health. Um, some people do, and they get a personal trainer, and... and that's them trying to take a step in the right direction. But for the most part, I mean, if you calculate the amount of people that you see in a gym, and the amount of people that live in your town, it's nowhere near. And I mean it's, I'd say, the most important part of living.
- Anything that I'm fascinated with, anything that I'm intrigued with, uh... I don't stop until I either have it, or I've conquered it.
- I'll guarantee you I'm gonna work harder, for the money, than anybody here.

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Jennifer: - I plan on flirting a lot, ha ha ha ha! With the guys... but also trying to make good friends with the girls, too. Because that can be really difficult, that's probably gonna be my hardest thing. And then to, you know, just make sure that I make a good, strong alliance, so that I can, it carries me through to the end. But I plan on helping everybody, and being, you know, kind of everybody's best friend.
- The nanny thing, I think, um, I've used the... I've used the analogy that it's a lot like a tribe. You go into a tribe, it's this family. You try and make yourself useful to the family, or else yeah, you can get kicked off. (Giggles). So, it's very much like that - making relationships, being able to blend in, being able to um, succeed.
- My secret is, going to be... getting by on being a well-rounded, being able to um, kind of find something in familiar, I think, in common with every person.
- I will be underestimated, I know that. I don't think I look like I can... sleep in the... on the ground. (Giggles). And eat bugs if I have to, I don't think that people will know that about me, but... I am a fighter. And I grew up camping outdoors, all the time, and I... I'll, hang in there, until the very end.
- Being one of the... more attractive people, I think it's uh... it's gonna be a challenge, to do just the right amount of flirting, and just the... not doing it and stepping on other people's toes.

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Jolanda: - I have a lot of athletic accomplishments, a lot of academic accomplishments, and a lot of civic accomplishments. And... I just think it's a unique combination.
- I'm the oldest of five siblings, and I was responsible for caring for them. And I was looking for anything to keep me out of the house. And athletics was one of the ways that I... got to stay out of the house longer. Turns out I was very good, and I ended winning one United States championship, three NCAA heptathlon championships, won the Texas state High School 5-A Track and Field Team Championship as an individual, and I'm the only person to ever do that.
- As a criminal defense lawyer, when I pick juries, I've gotta... figure out how to read people, especially when I cross-examine witnesses. Figure out what their weaknesses are, and exploit them. And make sure the whole world sees it.
- My dad blew his brains out, I was in the room with him. I mean, that's one of many really bad things that happened to me. [Producer: How old were you when that happened?] I was a year and a month. Two of my dad's brothers committed suicide. My grandmother's lost three kids to suicide. My 19-year-old brother was murdered, shot five times, twice in the head. I have a brother in prison now. I've got a cousin in prison for murder. I've got an aunt who was murdered. I've been shot at. I mean, I could continue to go on for a good twenty to thirty minutes. So the journey has been... um... daunting.

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Jonathan: - I uh, overcame cancer this year. So, that was a, uh, really, challenging thing mentally. I think that's the biggest thing, uh, I've ever had to overcome in my whole life.
- At first it was for, probably for the first month, I was waking up every day and, like, telling myself, "Oh my God, I'm 23, and I have cancer." I mean, how do, you know.... But in, after I finally had, uh... was treated and everything, and I was pretty much cured, it was one of those things, I would wake up, and it would put a smile on my face. I was, I'm 23, and I overcame cancer. That's like a, that's a big... you know, that was a big step, and that's a real positive thing. And I think that's a... probably the best motivational thing that I've ever had to uh.... You know I, I mean, that runs through my mind non-stop, and that's just kind of a, uh... really, uh, big part of my life now.
- It makes you kind of stop and think that you, you know, life is precious, you know. You gotta cherish everything, and you can't really take anything for granted. I mean, I don't really take a whole lot for granted, anyway, I'm pretty uh... uh, you know, upbeat about everything. But it's just pretty much uh... it just, you know, as far as, it's just, you know, spending time with my family, and stuff like that, you just realize that no one's invincible, and you know, your life can be taken from you at any, you know, moment.
- There's no ice with me to break. Like, you know, there's never no breaking the ice. I mean, I take all that, right out, right out of the spectrum. My, you know, I make everybody feel as comfortable with me as possible.
- I think I'm just gonna, play the game, just play it, uh... you know, just be nice to, be nice to everybody, and not really, uh, try to make a lot of enemies. Not to really try to burn a lot of bridges, right off the bat.
- I think I'm really good at reading people, and I'm good at manipulating. But I'm not gonna, you know, I'm not really a cruel person.

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Katie: - I was a rebellious teenager. Um... my parents divorced when I was 11. So that's kind of a rough time anyway. Um, and we moved. Um, so my way of fitting in was being bad. But I've always been kind of a class clown.
- There's never been anyone like me... on Survivor, ever. There's never been a funny female.
- I know that all of these people that are here are just like a dynamic, interesting, diverse group of people. And that's a lot of material for Katie Gallagher. And I hate it when people talk in third person. Katie hates that!
- I work pretty well under stress. But I also get like narcolepsy when things get overwhelming, I'm all like "I just need a nap right now." So....
- I don't think they realize how raunchy I can be. I like to say things to shock people.
- I'm... manipulative, outgoing, flexible, compassionate, sneaky, um... and I think that plays into my strategy, because that is my strategy. To be myself. Because all of those attributes can win you the game. That's why I'm so perfect for this.
- I'm not trying to win a million dollars, I'm just... here... to lose weight. So once I hit my goal weight, I can be gone, but just please don't kick me out before I hit my goal weight!

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Kim: - I'm gonna use my political knowledge, as far as, I think my political knowledge on international relations is gonna play a big factor into this, in how people form up, and the position that you take within the alliances.
- I'm able to bite my tongue when necessary. I've started doing this, probably within the last couple of years, because I used to never be that type of person. And... that's a good thing, because I can brush things off rather easily, instead of wasting my energy on people I don't need to. Um... I'm spontaneous and adaptable, and... it's very hard to throw me off course from what I want to get.
- I was always kind of the nerdy, tomboy growing up. And so I worked so hard in college to try to be the cool girl, and... but I'm still just the nerdy tomboy.
- Unless I can get a boy to fall in love with me (ha ha!), and use that to my advantage, then, then my looks could play a factor. Because there are some hot boys.
- I was always a tomboy, so I've made a really big effort in the past couple of years, to... work on my female relationships, and be more of like, the chick. Ha ha! That can talk with the girls.
- I'm always the person that for some reason everyone gossips to. And they tell me all their issues. So I think that that's definitely gonna play to my advantage.

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Stephenie: - I grew up with four older brothers, and a mom and a dad. So that was kind of tough, you know. Um, I had like five fathers growing up. So, um, instead of playing with Barbies, I was always outside, playing sports. I was either the goalie, or the pitcher, or the quarterback.
- Growing up with four older brothers, um, has definitely helped shape who I am. I... instead of, going outside, or instead of playing with Barbies, and, you know, putting on makeup and stuff, I was outside playing sports with the boys.
- I'm a lot of fun, and I think I'm gonna bring fun to the game, in a stressful environment.
- I'm gonna just work hard, be myself, be outgoing, value other people's opinion, give them mine, and go from there.
- People think that I am the girl next door, that, you know, but, um... which is a nice thing, I think that's a compliment. But, then when they get to know me, I think that they realize that, I'm very uh... ha ha!... I'm a little nutty, I'm a little crazy. And uh... I'm not so, um... calm, and reserved.
- I like to go out, and I like to party, and I like to have a good time with friends, and um, I have a boyfriend. He doesn't like when I get real crazy, but... I get crazy anyway.

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Tom: - It's uh, the most rewarding job you could ever have. I... went into it as most guys did, because my dad was on the job, too. And uh, it is, tends to be a family business. Um, and it's... not because they're, the... parents are telling you to get rich doing this, but because they've had a rich life doing it. It's uh, just a rewarding experience, a lot of time home with your family.
- It's like my job, there's no two fires are the same, there's no two circumstances in this game are the same. We don't know what the format's gonna be, what the tribes, if there's tribes, if, you know, everything could be different. And um, you can't, when the curveball gets thrown, you can't be the one just standing there, looking at it go by. You've gotta react to it, and, and play it.
- I like the game. I like the kidding around in the firehouse, and the, the, the fun and games and goofing around, you know, there's, there's that game to played out here. So uh, I mean there's some deprivation with the food and the conditions, but you are playing a game.
- I think that it's a good thing to be a 40-year-old guy playing in this game. Because you're not seen as the, a physical threat as a 25-year-old guy, who spends all his time in the gym. And you're not seen as a liability to your tribe early on, as maybe an older guy would be.

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Wanda: - I have always wanted to be a genuinely good person. In every way: character, hard work. Life has been often very difficult for me.
- We had some financially difficult times. Um, my husband... took a business and sold it and got into another one, where he thought he was gonna be vice-president of a company, and it went bankrupt. And so, we had a lot of hard times. There was a day when the sheriff of the county came to our house, and said, "I hate to do this, but you haven't been able to make the mortgage payments for six months, and we have to take the house back."
- I think I'm the kind of person that people will respect for... for who I am. Wisdom that I bring, I hope. Wisdom and fun that I bring to my tribe.
- I want to ask questions, and listen, and listen, and listen, and show each person on my tribe that I care about them, and I want to see the good things in them. But then I want to find out who has the most good things, the most character to offer.
- I'm gonna have to be almost the big sister, that everybody loves, or, or maybe even the mother. Although I've been trying hard to camouflage my age with the hair dye, and things like that. Uh, so I hope that I don't look like just some old lady that they're taking along.
- And I'll give you a little rap: every weekend at the trailhead you can see me arrive; I stand five foot three and weigh one thirty-five; kind of broad in my outlook, and always lots of fun; but when there's work to do I can't be outdone; I can climb high mountains and eat meager food; but when things look bleak, I'm still in a good mood; I'm a Pennsylvania hiker, and fully alive; I'll outwit, outlast, outplay and survive.

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Willard: - Uh, I really started this, uh, as a weight-loss program. And... the joke got out of hand. And here I am. And now, I'm gonna use it as a smoking cessation program. I don't care if I win this thing or not, I've already lost 35 pounds, got back in shape, and I'll soon be a non-smoker. So I'm here to have fun. At other people's expense.
- I'm not sure if there are gonna be advantages that come from being a lawyer, or there are advantages that come from being me. I'm a good problem solver, I'm analytical. I can generally tell when people are being untruthful, and I persuade people for a living. That's what lawyers do.
- I'm just here, really, to have a good time. And to stop smoking. I don't need the million dollars. I'm here to last as long as I can.
- I'm certainly not going to let people know I'm a lawyer. Uh, I have a... it's an old game called Dungeons & Dragons, you just roll the dice and create a character. I have created one.
- I'm going to... try... to... be... non-threatening, helpful, likable, uh... until I get rid of all the people that have to be gotten rid of.

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