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Episode 1
"This Has Never Happened Before!"

Filmed November 1-3, 2004
Airs February 17, 2005


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CBS: - "20 new castaways will be abandoned. From the beginning, the game will be changed in a dramatic way. Everything the survivors have come to expect will be wiped out in the first 10 minutes."
CBS Early Show official Survivor: Palau cast release - vidcaps and transcript

Early Show reveal
Aired January 13, 2005

Rene Syler: Survivor's setting for this 10th season is the island of Palau, yet another remote and beautiful sanctuary, situated in the South Pacific. But while the scenery may remind you of past Survivors, this new cast promises to be something very different.

Wanda (singing, pre-game): Survivors, and we can find our food. Survivors, that is our attitude...

Rene Syler: 20 castaways, the most ever, will begin this season as one tribe, each of them competing for the title of Sole Survivor, and the million dollars. And the castaways for Survivor: Palau are: Wanda Shirk, a 55-year-old English teacher from Ulysses, Pennsylvania. Coby Archa, is 32, and a hairdresser from Athens, Texas. 22-year-old Ashlee Ashby is a fitness counselor from Easley, South Carolina. Jonathan Libby, 23, is in sales and marketing and he's from Dallas, Texas.

Jonathan (pre-game): My family told me right off the bat, that if I'm the first one voted off, don't ... don't come home.

Rene Syler: Gregg Carey is a business consultant from Chicago; he's 27. Katie Gallagher is a 29-year-old ad executive from Merced, California. 33-year-old James Miller is a steel worker from Mobile, Alabama.

James (pre-game): I'm gonna be the first redneck to win a million dollars on this show.

Rene Syler: Caryn Groedel is 46, and a lawyer from Solon, Ohio. Also a lawyer is 39-year-old Jolanda Jones, from Houston, Texas. And 57-year-old Willard Smith, from Bellevue, Washington, is yet another lawyer.

Willard (pre-game): If you get me in front of a jury, I'll win the million dollars.

Rene Syler: Stephenie LaGrossa is 25, and a pharmaceutical sales rep from Philadelphia. Angie Jakusz is a 24-year-old bartender from New Orleans.

Angie (pre-game): I have the freak factor working for me. I stick out! Like I'm, I'm the only woman who's ever looked like this on Survivor.

Rene Syler: Ian Rosenberger, is a dolphin trainer from Key Largo, Florida; he's 23. Kimberly Mullen, 25, is a grad student and former Miss Ohio USA from Huber Heights, Ohio.

Kimberly (pre-game): And unless I can get a boy to fall in love with me, and use that to my advantage, then, then my looks could play a factor. Because there are some hot boys.

Bobby Jon (pre-game): And these M-60s I got right here, waiting for everyone to come and get a little piece of. Ha ha.

Rene Syler: Bobby Jon Drinkard is 27, and a waiter from Santa Monica, California. Another 27-year-old waiter, Ibrehem Rahman, is from Birmingham, Alabama. A nanny form Encina, California, Jennifer Lyon is 32.

Jennifer (pre-game): Being one of the more attractive people, I think it's uh, it's gonna be a challenge to do just the right amount of flirting, and just the... not doing it and stepping on other people's toes.

Rene Syler: Janu Tornell is 39, and a Las Vegas show girl. Jeff Wilson is a 21-year-old personal trainer from Ventura, California. And Tom Westman is a 41-year-old New York City firefighter.

Tom (pre-game): I like my job, there's no two fires are the same; there's no two circumstances in this game are the same.

Rene Syler: Lay your odds now! Survivor: Palau premieres Thursday, February 17 at 8, 7 Central, right here on CBS.



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