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Episode 8
"Neanderthal Man"

Filmed November 19-21, 2004
Airdate: April 7
, 2005

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Episode descriptions
CBS: "-A Survivor becomes irritated with the tribe's living conditions and lack of maintenance around camp, which has attracted unwelcome visitors.
-Several weeks surviving on an island has driven one Survivor to exhibit unruly behavior, much to the concern of a tribemate.
-The Survivors get a chance to sample a Palauan delicacy, which can be rather difficult to swallow. Who has the will to stomach this indigenous cuisine?
-Two Survivors disagree on how the tribe should enjoy their Reward, leaving one of them feeling defeated and annoyed with the final decision."
REWARD CHALLENGE/Gross food - Koror wins something?
From the CBS synopsis, there's a possibility this is the gross food challenge (as suggested by angela8675 at Sucks). And biancaxxx has confirmed at MeSS that the RC is indeed Gross Food. While there's no footage of the food in question (so far, anyway), we do see the arrival in weekend TV ads, as well as brieg glimpses of Bobby Jon and Tom chewing. Exciting stuff!

As for who wins, the CBS synopsis says, "two Survivors disagree on how the tribe should enjoy their Reward, leaving one of them feeling defeated and annoyed with the final decision." Could go either way (especially since a winning Ulong tribe would have only two people to make such a decision). But since Coby is getting booted in the next episode, this is his time for conflict with King Tom. So we'll go with a Koror win here. Especially since Bobby Jesus doesn't seem to be chewing too speedily.
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IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Swimming, puzzles? - Koror wins
Parts of this challenge are shown, and it looks tribal, so it's probably 2-on-2. We see Stephenie and Bobby Jon swimming out (separately), and Steph and Coby pulling themselves along under boats, via a rope (similar to the keel-hauling challenge in Pearl Islands). Weekend TV ads also show a wet Bobby Jon standing on shore, cheering Stephenie on, with what appear to be puzzle assembly tables behind him. biancaxxx reports at Sucks that Gregg and Coby will be the participants for Koror in this challenge.

Mersaydeez's spoiler says another Ulong (not Stephenie) is going home after losing a fire-building challenge. Coby's "what?" reaction shot comes when he's wet, suggesting something surprising, such as Ulong winning (ha ha, just kidding), or the Ulong Two finally showing up at the puzzle section of the challenge before Gregg finishes the puzzle for Koror. Regardless, Koror ought to win here.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version

BOOT/ Bobby Jon
Again, we turn to Mersaydeez's spoiler for this, the final pre-jury boot. Mersaydeez says the only person remaining who does not make the jury is Bobby Jon. Furthermore, the circumstances leading to his boot will not be a traditional tribal council, but rather a fire-building challenge, which Stephenie wins (allowing her to spend a night alone at Ulong camp... well, plus the camera crew, of course). Sweet!

Sadly, CBS did not have the foresight to manipulate Survivor's schedule such that this particular boot aired on Good Friday. Oh well, better luck next time, CBS schedulers.

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