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Episode 7
"The Great White Shark Hunter"

Filmed November 16-18, 2004
Airdate: March 31
, 2005

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Episode descriptions
CBS: "-Two Survivors battle to provide for their tribe. One brings home a clam; one brings home a shark.
- Sitting out a Challenge, one Survivor finds it hard to watch from the sidelines and doubts the tribe's ability to win.
- A tribe member is suspicious of a potential alliance forming between two very friendly tribemates that could spoil a game plan.
- During a crucial Immunity challenge, one Survivor takes over for a struggling tribemate. Will it be enough to win?"
Going back again to the challenge Storyboard (discussions: Sucks, Phoenix, Joker's Updates), the card for this week's RC is a hand-written one, which appears to say "SOS." This is the time-honored Survivor challenge used to rescue pathetically inadequate tribes (such as Boran in S3, and the post-switch Maraamu in S4), so it's a good fit here. Basically, it involves making a distress signal at your camp/beach. *Yawn*. The storyboard suggests the reward will be Meals Ready to Eat (beloved military rations), or MREs.

Does that fit the available vidcap evidence? Well, not surprisingly, this being not the most photogenic challenge, there aren't a ton of challenge caps this week. But we do see Koror celebrating on their beach, and Tom is among the people jumping and screaming (vidcap at right, click to expand). So it looks like, yes, this is an SOS challenge, and (shocking!) Koror wins another challenge.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ "Sea Stars"? - Koror wins
Another mostly-unseen challenge. We see Ulong marching to a challenge, and since the RC is most likely an in-camp affair, the march must be to the IC. There's a shot of someone (Bobby Jon? Gregg?) in the water, mixed in with the footage of Tom's shark hunting escapades. Might be from this challenge, maybe not. There's also a shot of the three remaining Ulongs, back in camp, looking even more dejected than usual, with their tribal flag tossed aside in disgust. So while we don't have a clue what the challenge involves, it looks like the plucky blue tribe blows it once again. (Just as Mersaydeez said). Koror wins.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version

BOOT/ Ibrehem?
Once again thanks to Mersaydeez, we're fairly confident another Ulong is getting the boot this week, and it's not Stephenie. So which is it? Tarzan the Outplayed (a.k.a. Jesus Christ Superstar)? Or Mr. Penitent (a.k.a. that invisible Muslim dude)? (Caps at right).

We were leaning toward Bobby Jon here, until we realized that, with no silly ties possible this week, Stephenie's deal "to the end" with Bobby Jon guarantees that obedient Bobby Jon will vote for Ibrehem. So Stephenie's easiest route to the next episode is to simply throw her own vote in for Ibe as well. Ibrehem did get a spike in face time last week, largely due to his conflicts with James. Still, he's largely invisible in both the TV and web promos, while Bobby Jon is in every other scene. Then again, that's much like the show itself. A case could be made that the re-editing of the promo to have an axe-wielding BJ following the motionless Ibe could suggest Ibe is on the chopping block.

Booting Bobby Jon, however, is something Stephenie tried to do a couple of episodes ago. And the web promo does imply BJ has been "outplayed" (see cap above). But it's difficult to imagine a scenario in which Stephenie could convince Ibrehem to vote against Bobby Jon instead of her. Then again, Mersaydeez at least initially suspected Ibrehem was the last male Ulong, because she "was also told that Ibe didn't get to spend much time with the other pre-jury boots."

Ibrehem? Bobby Jon? Tough to say. But we'll go with Ibrehem. Booting Bobby Jon requires too much manipulation on Stephenie's part.

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