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Episode 6
"Jellyfish 'N Chips"

Filmed November 13-15, 2004
Airdate: Wednesday, March 23
, 2005

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Episode descriptions
CBS: "-Tensions flare between two tribemates when one blames the other for the tribe's loss in a Challenge.
-A tribe's high morale is not enough to keep one Survivor from being annoyed by a tribemate's uselessness around camp.
-After a miserable night in a typhoon, one Survivor has an emotional and physical breakdown.
-One undecided Survivor makes conflicting deals with two tribemates going into Tribal Council. Who will be next to leave the island?"
REWARD CHALLENGE/ "Shoot & Switch"? - ? wins Pringles and Procter & Gamble products at Jellyfish Lake
It's possible we may have mis-assigned this week's challenges. The "Shoot and Switch" challenge was originally scheduled to be the Ep3 RC, which might suggest the other challenge, yet another water-based race-and-retrieve/puzzle extravaganza, should be the IC. The immunity idol isn't visible in either challenge, so it's hard to say for sure. We'll defer to the judgement of VolcanicGlass at Phoenix, and Biancaxxx at MeSS.

Going back to the storyboard (discussions: Sucks, Phoenix, Joker's Updates), this appears to be the long-awaited "Shoot and Switch" challenge, featuring vintage WWII weaponry (or at least faux, paintball-firing pseudo-weaponry). Except instead of just lining Ulong up, and putting them out of their misery, it looks like they'll be shooting at flags. Too bad. And too bad for Ulong, it appears, because Bobby Jon is shown once again putting his head in his hands. True, it may simply be mid-challenge, after Tarzan or one of his cohorts misses a particularly easy shot, but Caryn is shown praying, and in the supernatural world of Mark Burnett all prayers (such as Ibrehem's "save me for another episode" one) are usually answered. Koror wins?

REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ "Build It Up, Tear It Down"? - Koror wins?
As mentioned above, this challenge could actually be the RC. But we think not (for now).

Not much is visible for the challenge itself. Koror and Ulong are lined up at the start, with boxes coded for the other tribe at their feet. Two people per tribe (Ian and Jenn; Steph and Bobby Jon) race into the water, and... that's where the caps end. The NCAA ads included a shot of frame-like structures on the beach, and possible bundles of wood. Not too informative. Presumably the two racers per team are retrieving items used in construction/assembly on the beach. Biancaxxx gives us this description of the challenge at MeSS:

"Each team is sent rope, and a box with the other tribes flag in it. They have to tie up the box so that the other tribe can't get into it. When they get to the challenge, floating out in the ocean, around 50 feet away, are some boards. The teams have to swim out, get the boards, come back and try to build a trap around the other tribes box, using the boards and rope. They have around 20 minutes or so (will be edited shorter, of course). When the time is up, they switch and see who can undo the other tribes trap first. First to get it all down and open the box, and hang their tribes flag, wins."

James is shown looking down at this challenge, but it's not clear whether it's a pre-challenge description shot, or post-challenge depression. His hair could either be wet or greasy, and he's not shown in the water, anyway. On the surface, it might appear Ulong has an advantage, at least in the retrieval part, but Koror has a well-fed Ian, who we all recall is a "fast little booger" in the water. We'll give the edge to Koror. Which fits with what Mersaydeez says, anyway.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version

BOOT/ James?
While there's a slight chance Bobby Jon might be leaving his pathetic tribe for greener pastures this week, we'll stick with our original assessment that James is this week's boot, largely based on Mersaydeez's lengthy spoiler thread, unless or until contradictory evidence presents itself.

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