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Episode 5
"The Best and Worst Reward Ever"

Filmed November 12, 2004
Airdate: Wed., March 16
, 2005

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Episode descriptions
CBS: "-Low morale for one tribe sinks even lower when they abandon their camp in search of a cave for shelter from a storm...and get lost.
-One castaway neglects fire duty and dozes off, and a tribemate becomes bitter having to lose valuable sleep to pick up the slack.
-One tribe is taunted and tormented as they have to sit and watch the other tribe enjoy a great reward right in front of them.
-Both tribes face several twists that they never could have expected that throw them off their game."
REWARD CHALLENGE/ "Sea Salvage" - Koror wins, gets to "Vote for other ? @ tribal"?
Once again, going from the Palau challenge storyboard featured in the "Countdown to Survivor: Palau" (storyboard discussions: Sucks, Phoenix, Joker's Updates), this challenge appears to be titled "Sea Salvage." More importantly, the listed reward, while hard to read, appears to say something along the lines of "Vote for other tribe @ tribal." This also appears to feature a planned double boot. Thus the title of the episode: the RC winner will get to muck around with the other tribe's tribal council proceedings in some way, at the expense of booting one of their own. Choices, choices. (Although perhaps the episode title should be "The Best and Worst Tribes Ever.") The web promo verifies this, as Probst states, at the RC, "Win or lose, both tribes are going to tribal council tonight."

The challenge involves diving for white swimfloat-like objects, bringing them to the surface, and eventually some sort of rope-pulling exercise (pulling the collected objects from the small dock to the large one?). Koror appears to reach the rope-pulling stage before Ulong does. Who wins? Well, in addition to the apparent Koror in-challenge lead, while the black-and-white montage of Koror wins in the web promo is all recycled, the shot of Ulong under the word "Lose" (above, center) appears to be new, and features a wet and downtrodden-looking Ulong (especially Angie, compare to the pre-challenge shot below). Post-challenge? In-challenge, observinf a particularly pathetic Ulong diving attempt? Meh, doesn't really matter. Either way, looks like Koror wins.

REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ No immunity challenge?
Somebody's going home. But there is no challenge this week, probably because, as Antithesys pointed out, this is a one-day episode.
BOOT/ Willard and Angie - Immunity: Ibrehem

According to Mersaydeez, the boots for this episode will be Willard and Angie. This suggests the "reward" may not be as simple as picking out someone on the other tribe to boot, although Angie and Willard are logical boots from either tribe, even with no outside interference (although one might quibble that James ought to depart before Angie). Is there more to it? Maybe.

Please disregard our disregard for our previous speculation about spying at Tribal Council. As it turns out, this should happen this week, in a form resembling callmecrazee's description: "one tribe gets to eavesdrop on the other's TC, but before they vote, the eavesdroppers appear and get to immunize the one person it appears the tribe is going to vote for, screwing up the vote because the tribe has to vote right away without a chance to talk about who else to vote for." Our pick for the immunized person? James. If Koror is smart, of course. They may do something dumb like immunizing Stephenie, who's not at risk. But we'll guess James, anyway.

Update: Wezzie and Quartzeye say it's Ibrehem that Koror protects. Stupidity regins, after all. (Sorry if we spoiler your Morse Code fun. Give us expediency, or give us death).

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