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Episode 3
"Dangerous Creatures and Horrible Setbacks"

Filmed November 7, 2004
Airs March 3, 2005

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Episode descriptions
CBS: "-One tribe relaxes after winning a Challenge, which annoys a tribemate frustrated with the lack of a work ethic.
-A war of words erupts between two tribe members as one lays into the other for being bossy.
-Just as a Challenge is set to begin, one tribe faces a setback when a member suffers an injury. Will this affect their ability to compete?
-Two fearless castaways take it upon themselves to confront some deadly creatures on the island."
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Fighting over life preservers - Ulong wins
This challenge appears to involve the two tribes racing into the water and retrieving life preservers. There may be an initial free-for-all, since Angie, Gregg and Bobby Jon are all shown entering the water at once. A number of individual battles are also shown (Jeff vs. Tom, Gregg vs. Angie and Stephenie vs. Jenn), but from a Probst statement in the web promo ("The showdown is on!"), it appears the challenge may come down to a final face-off of some kind. The race between Stephenie for Ulong and Jenn for Koror seems to be highlighted, so that's a reasonable guess for the participants. It's hard to imagine Jenn coming out ahead in that face-off. So we'll go with another Ulong RC win.

This fits with the CBS clues about a tribe' that "relaxes after winning a challenge, which annoys a tribemate frustrated with the lack of work ethic." Since Koror seems to be pretty excited about (and participating in) shark hunting, slacking, Jolanda-free Ulong seems like a much better fit. And since we don't usually see the IC-winning tribe much after that challenge, Ulong would make sense as the RC winners.

The Palau challenge board (discussed at length at Phoenix and Sucks) also suggests this will be a tribal switch episode (also that the reward is a choice of a sail boat, bedding, or rain gear). From the title of this challenge, this would appears to be the one that initiates it. But this challenge in no way resembles "Shoot and Switch." So we doubt anything happens here.
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Waah! Give me back my lifesaver!
Hmm, the nanny vs. the athlete. Can't guess how this turns out.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ "Hot Pursuit" - Koror wins
Preparations for this challenge were featured in TVGuide Channel's pre-show coverage. Tribe members are roped together, and each carries a 25-lb backpack. The tribes start on opposite sides of a large rope circle in wading-depth water, and attempt to catch each other. As you might expect, this is pretty grueling. Individual players can drop out, but they have to pass their packs off to another tribemate. Eventually, one or more pack-laden people have to catch the other tribe's packhorse(s).

Who wins? Chances are, it's Koror, even though, once again, they have a physically-oriented challenge that Ulong should (on paper, at least) dominate. But we see an exhausted-looking Ibrehem barely moving in the promos, which makes it hard to believe he's going to catch the other tribe. And Jeff appears fine in the RC, so he must injure his foot before this challenge. Sucks poster callmecrazee states, " I don't believe Jeff quits the game. I believe he quits the Hot Pursuit challenge." Later, callmecrazee further proclaims, "Jeff bags it because he's hurt, and gives his rice bag to a woman." Seems plausible. Jeff is visible racing Tom into the water in the RC, but only Ibrehem and Bobby Jon seem to be around toward the end of the IC for Ulong. Without Jeff, Ulong may have a numbers disadvantage, with Koror's Ian, Tom, and Gregg all capable of carrying reasonable amounts of weight. The promo also shows an exhausted Coby lying in the water (an apparent in-challenge collapse, as an Ulong crosses the frame in the foreground).

Hard to draw solid conclusions from the minimal coverage in the promo, but we'll still lean toward a Koror win here. It wouldn't be much of a setback if they got to avoid Tribal Council now, would it?

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

BOOT/ Jeff
Clearly, Jeff gets hurt, based on the promos. This was presaged by Mersaydeez, who said, nearly two days before Ep2: "Want to know who quits? Jeff. He gets hurt." His tribemates (mostly James) are also starting to grumble about his relationship with Kim, who doesn't seem to be doing much else apart from snuggling with Jeff, and demanding to know if she's being voted against. So the Ulongs face a choice: keep injured Jeff, and hope he recovers, or send him packing, and hope vainly that Kim starts to contribute?

Tough choice, but we think they'll ditch the young guy. Besides, we'll keep picking Jeff to go until he does.

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