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Episode 14: "The Ultimate Shock" Jump to: F4 IC | F3 IC | Boot Filmed: December 7-9, 2004
Airdate: Sunday, May 15
, 2005
Video resources
Watch the CBS
Ep14 web promo

(Real media)
Post-show Ep14 teaser

Aired 5/12/05
Ep14 web/TV promo

Aired 5/12/05
Episode descriptions
CBS: "- The Final Four rethink their strategies when a once-solid alliance dissolves with the slip of a tongue.
- After an emotional Tribal Council, arguments erupt, feelings are hurt and friendships are questioned.
- A shocking development during the Final Immunity Challenge promises to go down in SURVIVOR history.
- Tears and harsh words fuel a tense session between the Jury and the Final Two."
CBS Survivor: Palau Episode 14 promo vidcaps and transcripts/ Click on thumbnails to view larger picture

Ep14 TV promo
Aired May 12, 2005
Voiceover: Survivor Finale Sunday... Probst: Four remain, who will become the Ultimate Survivor?
        Voiceover: Tom has dominated...
  Tom: Yeah! Voiceover: Jenn flew under the radar... Jenn: I could see that coming back to haunt me
Voiceover: Katie talked a good game Katie (to Caryn): I don't need you yelling at me! Voiceover: And Ian played one
Ian: I'm feeling fantastic Voiceover: Three tribal councils. Voiceover: The first one will surprise you.
Voiceover: But the real shocker is what happens next.
Voiceover: Don't you dare miss the Survivor Finale and live Reunion Show, CBS Sunday  

Post-show Ep14 teaser
Aired May 12, 2005
Probst: Next time on... Survivor Tom: It's good to be final four!
Probst: With only three days left... Katie: We were just able to enjoy each other, even though we were about to slit each other's throats Probst: ...the drama intensifies
Ian: I told them that I was gonna vote you off
Tom: Okay, that's all I needed to know
Probst: Join us for the two-hour finale...
Probst: ...and find out who will be the Sole Survivor      

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