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Episode 14: "The Ultimate Shock" Jump to: F4 IC | F3 IC | Boot Filmed: December 7-9, 2004
Airdate: Sunday, May 15
, 2005
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Ep14 web promo

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Post-show Ep14 teaser

Aired 5/12/05
Ep14 web/TV promo

Aired 5/12/05
Episode descriptions
CBS: "- The Final Four rethink their strategies when a once-solid alliance dissolves with the slip of a tongue.
- After an emotional Tribal Council, arguments erupt, feelings are hurt and friendships are questioned.
- A shocking development during the Final Immunity Challenge promises to go down in SURVIVOR history.
- Tears and harsh words fuel a tense session between the Jury and the Final Two."
FINAL FOUR IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ "Tower of Domination" (Firestarting? Ziplines?) - Tom wins, Jenn booted
Wezzie posts a spoiler at Sucks: "The Final Four IC is said to involve firestarting." Wezzie later posted that the December 7th challenge was referred to as "Tower of Domination," which should be the F4 IC. The zipline challenge shown in the web/TV promo is probably this one. As VolcanicGlass points out at Sucks, the presence of only two ziplines suggests this might be an elimination-type challenge. VolcanicGlass also noted that the yellow truck (Chevy SSR, destined for the overall winner?) is parked near the shore in new zipline footage that aired Saturday.

Who wins? Vidcaps show the final four at tribal council, and Tom has the necklace on again. New caps up at SurvivorPhoenix show the F4 TC scene in much higher detail, with the jury walking in. Tom is wearing the necklace there, too (which may be relevant, because in the first one, it appears Probst is preparing to read the votes, indicating Tom doesn't give the necklace up, or get it from someone else).
FINAL FOUR IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version

FINAL THREE IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Endurance - Tom wins, Ian departs
Wezzie posts another spoiler at Sucks: "The Final Three IC involves balance and endurance. One contestant lasted 8 hours. Another lasted 11 hours. The remaining contestant won immunity, of course." Later update: "You know... I'm going to take back that comment about 'standing'. I don't know if they're standing or not. All I heard was that their feet hurt. I imagined 'standing', but that isn't necessarily so."

The winner would, of course, be Tom.

BOOTS/ F4-Jenn; F3-Ian; Tom beats Katie in jury vote
Final four boot: Jenn, thanks to Mersaydeez (the only remaining unassigned spot in Mer's boot order). Also fits the Butch/Darrah model of the invisible F4 boot. Since she can't penetrate the Tom-Ian-Katie trio, the only thing that could save her would be immunity, and she doesn't get it.

Final three boot: Ian. Tom takes Katie to the Final Two. Mersaydeez spoiled both people, Wezzie spoiled the F3 IC winner (above).

Jury vote predictions: Despite dire predictions of Tribal Council fireworks from Coby and Stephenie, the end result should still be a win for Tom. This will be one of the oldest juries in Survivor history, and older jurors tend to favor work ethic and gamesmanship over other factors (i.e. friendship, as in Amazon). Both Tom and Katie are personable and have established friendships with the jury, so there are no major negatives there. Where there is personal friction (Coby), both have annoyed. See the Survivometer for our predicted jury votes.

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