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Episode 12
"We'll Make You Pay"

Filmed December 1-3, 2004
Airs May 5
, 2005

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Episode descriptions
CBS: "- The aftermath of an emotional Tribal Council and stormy weather combine for a night the tribe will never forget.
- To their surprise and delight, some Survivors are overwhelmed by a visit from their loved ones.
- A strong alliance leaves one castaway on the outside looking in, with Immunity the only chance for survival.
- Paranoia sets in as alliances crumble and some Survivors feel like they've lost control of the game."
REWARD CHALLENGE/ "Going Postal"?: Loved ones visit - Gregg wins Palau Aggressor II trip, dolphin swim, takes Jenn and Katie
Dan Bollinger first reported, back in December, the following: "Agressor II (a dive boat) was used a family reward end of November." Okay, technically, the end of November would have been in the last episode, but close enough.

A slightly different story about the Palau Aggressor II comes from Mersaydeez: "Gregg wins, and takes Jenn and Katie. I highly believe this to happen around Gregg's boot, since I was told that if he would of chosen someone else to go in his place, he could of made it further....The only thing that is different, is that my information tells me 3 Survivors go on this reward (Gregg taking Jenn and Katie). Also, Wezzie/Dan had information that this was the family reward, I was never told that part but it is still very possible. Not that this is really that much of a spoiler, but swimming with the dolphins was also mentioned to me to be part of this reward (also showers and breakfast, so maybe it's overnight?)."

Maybe both are right. As we noted here, the boat's Captain's log is online, and the week between the dates 11/28 and 12/5. That would seem to confirm that hyper-secretive SEG had the boat that week, and could have used it here (between 12/1 and 12/3). So at least it's feasible that the Palau Aggressor II was indeed used for a reward. Which fits either scenario. The CBS synopsis (above) clearly states "Some Survivors are overwhelmed by a visit from their loved ones." And the post-Ep11 TV preview shows Ian, Tom and Caryn (the three people not on the reward, in Mersaydeez's spoiler) sitting in the middle of camp, discussing the evil plots (particularly involving Katie) against Tom. Since Katie doesn't do anything other than sit around camp herself, seems fairly likely she's away with Jenn and Gregg on a reward.

So enough of the spoilers, what's the challenge? Storyboard suggests it may be called "Going Postal" (storyboard discussions: Sucks, Phoenix, Joker's Updates). What that means isn't immediately obvious. The challenge itself seem to involve dropping lamps to douse them in water (perhaps after answering trivia?). One thing we can see from the web promo is that Gregg must win a pair of red swim trunks (seen in a confessional, and in the dolphin swim). Which at least helps prove the super-challenge is the IC. Thus this largely unseen challenge must be the RC. Whatever it is, Gregg wins.

REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Super challenge - Tom (or Ian) wins
Now that Stephenie's gone, production pulls out all the stops and tries to save Tom. Gregg can be seen in his (spanking new) red swim trunks at the starting line, so this must be the IC. It's a "super challenge," meaning parts of old challenges (particularly ones Tom did well in). Since a couple of the segments are turn-based, we expect it will be run similarly to the super challenge from Vanuatu: separate segments, with one person (or perhaps two people) eliminated after each round. If two are eliminated in the first round, each successive one could be single elimination.

There are at least three, possibly four distinct activities:
(1) A starting, obstacle course leg, recycling the nets from the Ep1 IC. Simple race, Gregg and Tom appear to be first to finish. We'd expect Katie (and/or Caryn) to be eliminated here.
(2) We also see Jenn untying knots, and someone raising a flag - recycled from the Ep6 IC. Jenn and Ian have practice at this one, although that doesn't seem terribly predictive. (Jenn out?)
(3) Next, we see Gregg eating balut. Recycled, of course, from the Ep8 RC. You'll note Tom did well in this before, as did Ian. Both should make it through this time. (Gregg out?)
(4) Finally, we see Ian shooting at flags, last seen in the Ep6 RC. We only see two colors of flags, so this may be the final leg. If Tom is still in it, it should be a head-to-head battle with Ian.

Who wins? Wezzie states that Tom and Ian are "immunity gods," so it's probably one of them. Given the attention made to Tom's vulnerability, and the fact that this challenge seems designed for Tom to win, it seems plausible that Tom might take this one. Ian is shown in what appears to be the final leg, so it could also be Ian.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version
BOOT/ Gregg
Mersaydeez spoiled this one back in February. So long, Greggifer.

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