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Episode 11
"I'll Show You How Threatening I Am"

Filmed November 28-30, 2004
Airdate: April 28
, 2005

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Episode descriptions
CBS: "-Some Survivors entertain the idea of forming a secret alliance and persuade a tribemate to join their pact.
- A Survivor heeds some advice and makes personal hygiene improvements, delighting the tribe.
- As the game nears its conclusion, three castaways formulate individual strategies for surviving the upcoming Tribal Council."
REWARD CHALLENGE/ "Going Postal"?: Food Auction, Letters from Home - Various people get crap
According to Mersaydeez, this time, a bunch of people don't run around. Instead, Probst hands out one or more letters from home. Biancaxxx adds that the letters will be part of an Amazon-like food auction-type "challenge."

What does this mean for the Survivors? Well, no obvious winners or losers (or at least, no objective "winners," most of those left appear to be losers). That also means we're in the home stretch, and this is Spring Training for the more complete tear-jerking episode of the Family Visit. Happy times, happy times. Not the least of which are because this show's almost over.
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IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Smashing tiles with coconuts - Ian wins
Not content to fill this episode with just one recycled challenge, here the production teams pads the episode with yet another perennial late-show challenge crutch: the plate/tile smashing festivities, traditionally meant to reveal alliances. Except at this point, the alliances are painfully obvious, no matter what CBS's "female alliance" misdirection will try to claim this week.

Anyway, as for the challenge, this time the tiles are arranged in a horizontal grid (visible on the right side of Jenn as she walks in), and the contestants appear to smash them by tossing coconuts. Presumably, each contestant has three or four tiles, and when all are smashed, that person is out. We see some sort of "scoreboard" as well, suggesting Gregg has gone from two tiles smashed, up to three. Which is not too surprising, since Mersaydeez tells us that Ian wins.

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BOOT/ Stephenie
Stephenie was the target in Ep10, and she remains so now. Mersaydeez has Stephenie as the third member of the jury (7th place). And Biancaxxx and yofox2 posted that Stephenie just misses the Family Visit (presumably in the next episode). So, farewell ye last Ulong. Guess she was pretty threatening after all.

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