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Episode 10
"Exile Island"

Filmed November 25-27, 2004
Airdate: April 21
, 2005

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Episode descriptions
CBS: "-An unexpected performance by a tribemate during a Challenge results in a victory for the team.
- One castaway confronts her tribe, leaving everyone feeling uncomfortable and leaving her feeling alienated.
- A twist at a Challenge brings very bad news for one Survivor.
- In danger of going on the chopping block, a Survivor makes a heartfelt plea not to be voted off. Will this plea fall on deaf ears?"
REWARD CHALLENGE/ "Water Tower" - Gregg, Tom, Caryn and Janu win a Palauan feast
This challenge was thoroughly spoiled shortly after Ep9 aired. Prior to Ep9, TV Guide included a preview of this challenge, showing one of the teams competing, and providing this challenge description:
Objective: Both teams must construct a scaffold that allows them to climb up and retrieve a flag hanging above the water. The first group to race back to the shore with the flag wins. The Kicker: The first piece of the tower is already in place, but the castaways must swim the other sections, one by one, 50 yards out into the water from shore. "Once they have that piece assembled, they swim back, get the next [and] swim it out," Kirhoffer says. Each metal part weighs up to 35 pounds.

From the TV Guide pictures, it was clear that Gregg and Tom were on one team, with Janu's wrist and a fourth person in the water (presumed to be Caryn) also visible. See Sucks, MeSS, Blows and SAddicts for various discussions. The web promo confirms these team assignments (Ian, Jenn, Stephenie and Katie make up the other team).

The reward, shown in the post-Ep9 TV preview, had also been spoiled (although not assigned to an episode) by Biancaxxx, who reported that an Australian radio show interview had discussed this particular reward:
For example, one of the prizes called for a feast, a local feast with the chiefs. And that was done for them. So the contestants had the opportunity to enjoy a traditional feast and have one of the chiefs talk to them about Palau's culture, about Palau's history and the significance of the dances and the chants, the traditional chants and dances.

Also visible in the post-Ep9 TV preview is part of Gregg's shorts (above, right), as the winners enjoy the Palauan feast (there's a slight possibility the black shorts are Caryn's, but since she's on the same team, no big difference). So Gregg's team wins. (And yes, many other people noticed this, as well).
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Staying underwater - Tom wins; Janu out first and exiled
From the post-Ep9 TV preview , it's clear that, in Probst's words, "The first person to bail will be abandoned to live on your own." (Hence the episode title). Who this is may end up being one of the week's few mysteries.

The winner of this challenge appears to be Tom. After Ep9 aired, Sucks poster tutorial noted that Jenn's clothes in the "Ep9" march to tribal council didn't match the ones she was wearing once tribal council started (presumably because Koror didn't take their torches back to camp in Ep5). Since Coby is missing from the march, while Janu is present, this must actually be from Ep10. Process of elimination (see the thread above) suggested Tom had the necklace, and it does appear to be on his neck upon closer inspection. So Tom wins the Ep10 IC (vidcap above, right).

Who loses, and is exiled? Well, vidcaps actually help rule a few people out here. Five people are visible underwater in the challenge structure in the web promo. From the pre-challenge overhead shots, it's clear that Ian and Caryn are in the middle of the structure. Three other people (Gregg, Tom and a woman - possibly Katie) are visible in Ian's half, but there is clearly a gap next to Caryn. So someone has already dropped out, and none of Gregg, Tom, Ian or Caryn (or Katie/Steph) are the exiles. Janu seems like a reasonable guess, we suppose. And Biancaxxx has confirmed that this is the case at Sucks.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails below for larger version

BOOT/ Janu
Janu has wanted to quit for about seven straight episodes now, and seemed shocked that Coby got booted in her stead in Ep9. Now with Stephenie on the chopping block, Janu will get a chance to make a stronger case for her own departure. Mersaydeez had either Coby or Janu leaving in this slot, and since Coby is already gone, that leaves Janu.

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