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CBS: - "20 new castaways will be abandoned. From the beginning, the game will be changed in a dramatic way. Everything the survivors have come to expect will be wiped out in the first 10 minutes."
SPOILERS and Speculation (Semi-chronological)
January 13, 2005: CBS officially unveils the Survivor: Palau cast. E!Online includes a brief interview with Mark Burnett (written by Sarah Hall), which reveals a bit about the first episode:
"   ...Filmed on an island in the South Pacific, season 10 of the reality series promises to mix it up from the start with a cluster of Survivor-befuddling plot twists, per producer Mark Burnett.
  'You have this situation now where everyone thinks they know more about the rules and format than we do,' Burnett told Daily Variety. 'I wanted to see what happens by completely revamping the way of starting [the show].'
  Instead of the usual 16 castaways, Survivor: Palau will pit 20 would-be millionaires against one another. However, by the end of episode one, only 17 will remain.
  'They're given very little instruction about what to do, and some of them are genuinely lost,' Burnett told Variety. 'Two people don't make it to the first challenge. That's how tough it is. It's very emotional.'"
   "The castaways' new island home was the site of plenty of World War II action and remains littered with wreckage. Most of the island is covered by dense tropical forests and inhabited by creatures such as skinks, wormsnakes and geckos.
   The waters around the island are considered a diver's paradise and are home to saltwater crocodiles, sharks, barracuda, octopi, lionfish and giant clams that can weigh up to two tons.
Survivor has been reupped for an 11th and 12th season; however, Burnett said last month's tsunami changed plans for upcoming show locations.
   'We were scouting locations in Madagascar, southern India, Sri Lanka. We had a real focus on the Indian Ocean,' he told Variety. 'Clearly, now, that won't be happening.'"
January 9, 2005: Wezzie posts some pictures she received from Fish'n'Fins, of what appear to be tires leftover from use in a Survivor: Palau challenge. Notably, the tires appear to be painted in tribal colors (matching the buffs shown above - blue/white; green/yellow and brown/orange). We (truedorktimes) speculate this may indicate three tribes exist simultaneously at some point in the game (at least during this challenge). As VolcanicGlass points out, in addition to the dominant colors on the tires (which take up roughly one-third of the tire), the opposite sides have a smaller painted section, often with a different (tribe's) color scheme.

Photo: Fish'n'Fins
At this point, it's unclear what the tires' colors actually mean. It could be that one of the three buffs is simply the merge tribe color, and that these props are from the first individual challenge (there are nine tires visible, so that's a possibility). But challenge props generally have multiple (and non-tribal-specific) colors in individual challenges in past seasons. So we shall see.
Dan Bollinger, at Survivor Sucks EZ board
December 30, 2004: " Exciting, new stuff: '1. Ngermediu is known as Margie's Beach
2. Agressor II (a dive boat) was used a family reward end of November
3. yellow customized GMC truck taken to rock islands, possible reward
4. red Corvette driven to Shallum Etpison's house on top of rock island as a reward will send you some photos in next e-mail.'"
December 30, 2004: "This just in. Tribe colors are Green, Brown, Blue camo. We are still sorting out how a Tribal Camp and Challenges could both be on Margies Beach (unless the Tribe lived at the little beach west of Margies):"

"1. One tribe lived on Ulong Island
2. Second Tribe lived on Margie's beach
3. On light house channel (near the WWII Pier) Clearwater's carpenters built a look alike of a Japanese Bunker with twisted doors and this was the Council meeting, friends who saw it say it looked real and was built of foam and plywood.
Story: Dan Bollinger, at Survivor Sucks EZ board
Buff picture: SurvivorPhoenix
4. There was one incident where one of the contenders went fishing and caught a shark with a machete, the production people say it is the best piece of footage they have ever had on survivor! I don't know who did it.
5. I got a sample of the Buff, there are 2 colors Brown and Blue, see photo included.
6. It was raining hard today so I could not take photos of Margie's beach. During the production they built a big pool on the beach (which they covered at the end) and it was used for different assignments and games. There are also many fire pits on the island.
7. On the logo of Survivor Palau you can see 2 WWII airplanes. Both on Ulong Island and Margie's beach there are remains of aircrafts from the war buried in the sand. I will try and take a shot of it sometimes next week."
Hippy Chick, at
December 28, 2004: "I have been told that the final 2 for S10 are men. I'm trying to get a physical description or age range so we can narrow it down more."
Wezzie, Sucks EZ board
December 26, 2004: Wezzie reports: "Buffs were reportedly brown, blue, green and white."
tvjunkie44, Survivor Sucks EZ board
December 18, 2004: " I know a woman involved with production and found out some information, some of which we already know:
-This season's cast is "HOT"
-Two older (50/60s) contestants
-Flambouyant gay male in his 30s..believes he goes pretty far (open to interpretation)
-Two black, rest white (or look white), no asian
-First few minutes really are "brutal"
-One challenge involves tribes tied to each other, carrying bags of rice on their backs, walking on water
-Las Vegas woman, Muslim, & Texan confirmed."
Wezzie, Survivor Sucks EZ board
December 16, 2004: "News from Palau:
- Tribal names Ulong and Koror have received a second confirmation.
- Tribal Council is in a faux Japanese bunker, surrounded by war material, possibly on the island of Ngerektabel.
- The contestants were petty and bickered with each other.
- The jury might have been sequestered at Carp Island Resort instead of the North Beach Cottages on Babeldaob Island. North Beach is nicer and more isolated, but Carp Island is much closer to the islands where the tribes were staying.
- Mark Burnett and Roma Downey were in Palau for the last days of filming, and stayed at the Palau Pacific Resort. Hotel staff reports that they were very nice.
- The camera crew felt that the scenery was spectacular--the best they'd seen--although one preferred Africa because of the wildlife."
Dan Bollinger, at Survivor Sucks EZ board
December 4, 2004: " I just got a note from one of our Palauan sources. They said:
The only information (rumor) I have is that Ulong Tribe is down to 6 members and Koror is down to only one and they are said to have been merged. And next week they will start with the elimination which would bring the conclusion to around December 10th. It is rumored that the contestants who have been eliminated have been flown or about to be flown off Island to Australia.

Wow, another 6 to 1 game! I suspect that it is the pre-jury folks that are on the Aussie trip. We heard previously that the jury is being kept at a secluded bungalow resort north of Koror, on the big island."

Dan Bollinger, at Survivor Sucks EZ board
December 3, 2004: " Just heard a rumor that the tribe names may be 'Ulong' and 'Koror'."
Wezzie, Survivor Sucks EZ board
November 19, 2004: "It's fer shere that the semi finalists were asked if they were certified in SCUBA diving. Expect to see quite a few underwater scenes."
Dan Bollinger, at Survivor Sucks EZ board. See also SurvivorMaps
November 11, 2004: "The itty bitty island of Ngkesill was added to the restriction list after the show started, so we know it isn't being used for TC1 or TC2. Certainly not for TC. Ngkesill is too small for challenges, I think. It is close to TC, which would make it convenient for security boats to protect TC and Merger Camp at the same time. Typically, the Merger Camp is closer to the Production Camp than the Tribal Camps. The restrictions say "No Entry and stay at least 1.2 miles away" That more severe restriction is only used for the TC and the Tribal Camps, therefore, Ngeksill must be a Tribal Camp. Since we already have two Tribal Camps to start the game with, and since it was added to the list later, it must be Merger Camp. But then we were wrong about the Merger Camp on Vanuatu, too."

Note: We (TDT) speculate that, instead of the merger camp, it's possible this island might be for a third tribe. Possible. Not terribly likely, though. We shall see.

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