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Episode 1
"This Has Never Happened Before!"

Filmed November 1-3, 2004
Airs February 17, 2005


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S9 finale vidcaps
1/13 Early Show vidcaps
Pre-tribal camp vidcaps
1/23 web/NFL vidcaps
1/26 Probst cast views
Video resources
2/1 CBS site cast videos
TVGuide Chan. vidcaps
CBS cast TV ads (2/1 - )
E! News IC shots (2/15)
CBS Ep1 web promo
Episode description
CBS: - "20 new castaways will be abandoned. From the beginning, the game will be changed in a dramatic way. Everything the survivors have come to expect will be wiped out in the first 10 minutes."
E! News Mark Burnett interview, Good Day Probst interview: vidcaps and transcripts/ Click on thumbnails to view larger picture

E! News Live

Aired February 16, 2005
Jeff Probst interview...
Transcript irrelevant


Good Day Live
Aired February 15, 2005

Probst: "Just behind you... that beach is your new home. Waiting for you, you will find: two machetes, one map to water. Along with the most valuable thing in this game, immunity. There are two immunity necklaces, one for the first woman, one for the first man who can get to shore and claim them. You are all on your own, it is your choice. But I suggest you make a decision, and start acting now, because this game is on."


E! News Live

Aired February 15, 2005
Transcript irrelevant


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