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Willard Smith
57, Seattle, WA
Survivor Palau crap:

Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
January 26, 2005 - "I liked Willard the minute he walked in the room. And I liked him because he's my kind of guy. He's got a point of view, he's well-spoken, he doesn't hold back, he's in great shape, loves his wife, loves to make love to his wife, and wants to win this game. And, for the first time, we have a guy who's telling us coming in, "I'm not gonna tell people I'm a lawyer, I'm gonna tell them I'm a postal worker. And I'm gonna play every one of them." And I hope he does. " - Jeff Probst's pre-game comments on the contestants, from the official CBS site.
December 22, 2004 - "Willard (apparently the proper name variation) has been described as a fit and friendly attorney in his mid 50's, about 5'9", 175 lbs, gray hair, and wearing spectacles.
  A senior attorney at his Seattle law firm, Seligmann, Beckerman & Flaherty, confirmed to us by telephone that Willard was indeed out of the country from late October to early December, the same time frame of the filming of Survivor 10 in Palau.
  No explanation was given for his absence. We were given the impression that it was known Willard had returned to the US, but that it remained a mystery why he still had not returned to work, at least as of yesterday. "Maybe he won," the attorney, who admitted he had never seen the Survivor show, mused.
  The source did, however, say that Willard himself was a big fan of Survivor."
December 9, 2004 - Name robotically guessed by "DarthXenu" on the S10 Contestant Confirmator. - SNN

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