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Wanda Shirk
55, Ulysses, PA
English teacher
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Contestant-related press and rumors
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January 26, 2005 - "Wacky Wanda... is... a wild card. She could be the first one out of this game, so fast her head is spinning, or we could see a situation like we did with Lill, where suddenly she's in the final two, and you're scratching your head, going "How did the woman with all the songs make it to the final two?" Wanda likes to sing, and she likes to come on strong, and wear big bright clothes, and say things like this! Some people really take to that, and they find it charming; other people just want to shut it off. If she can read people and figure that out, great. If she can't I'll be snuffing her torch." - Jeff Probst's pre-game comments on the contestants, from the official CBS site.
December 20, 2004 - "I recognized Wanda Shirk’s name today and thinking “no, it can’t be my old HS English teacher” placed a quick call home to PA and discovered my mom knew 1) that Wanda Shirk had been “called back for Survivor interviews this summer” and 2) that she supposedly has tried out three times for the show (my mom and dad spoke with her over the summer. The area where I grew up is small town for even what you think of small towns in PA- so everyone kind of knows everyone’s business, good or bad).
  Now, I will state for the record that I had her in school many, many years ago (I graduated HS in the 80’s), as did subsequent siblings in the following years. She teaches English at the Northern Potter Jr Sr HS in Ulysses, PA. We all thought that she was quite tough, very certain of her convictions (many of them surrounding her religious beliefs) and that she has always marched to the beat of a different drum. She had both of her children at home: one with a mid-wife and the second ended up being just by herself (they must be in their early 20’s now). She also has opened her home to quite a number of foster children. She ran for congress in the 80’s on the Lyndon Larouche ticket (who was running at that time in the primaries for the democratic presidential candidate.) She supposedly underwent some religious/spiritual introspection in the 90’s (hence a lot of the religious writings coming up from the google searches.). However, she had a change of heart from her studies and currently is, last I heard, an atheist. She will definitely be a colorful character (one family member thinks she will either open her mouth or whip out her ukulele around the fire the first evening and that will be the end of that)."
- Lurkeratheart at the Blows spoiler board
December 16, 2004 Name revealed by "MacadamiaNut" on the S10 Contestant Confirmator. - SNN
1996-1998 Wrote Resurrection: A Promise Fulfilled, an endorsement of Preterism, the belief that most Biblical prophecies (including the resurrection) have already been fulfilled (circa 70 A.D., with the fall of Jerusalem).

See also "One God - Two Men," and other short essays she wrote on this theme.
- web site

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