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Kimberly Mullen
25, Dayton, OH
Model/ grad student
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
January 26, 2005 - "The thing about Kim that's most intriguing is that she learned Arabic. And the reason she learned Arabic is because she wanted to be able to read... magazines that might have a different point of view than the United States. And she wanted to be able to understand... an unbiased point of view. That says a lot about how she might approach this game. If she's able to reason like that in this game, and make other people feel like they're being heard, and that she's listening and considering, that's huge. That is the essence of Survivor, is figuring out how to communicate with different people that you don't know, that are from different walks of life. And this is girl that went out and learned Arabic, simply to understand why we're at war. " - Jeff Probst's pre-game comments on the contestants, from the official CBS site.
December 19, 2004 - Name robotically guessed by "MattB" on the S10 Contestant Confirmator. - SNN
FOX Sports Net Guest Anchor FOX Chicago
Miss USA Pageant/International Telecast Contestant Donald Trump/CBS
Any Given SundayFeatured OliverStone/WarnerBro
ABC News Guest ABC Columbus
CBS News Guest CBS Columbus
Morning Show Guest FOX Cincinnati

Fashion Model (Print and Runway),SCUBA Diving/Snorkeling, VOICEOVER (Television and Radio), Dance (Modern, Funk, Cheer, Ballet, Jazz), Swimming, Boxing, Yoga, Beauty Pageants, Traveling, Accents/Dialects (British, Valley Girl, Southern - Deep South & Kentucky)."
- Kymber's Geocities resume page (now deleted). See Google's cached version.
January 10, 2002 - "Miss Ohio 2002 wants people to know she is not the average pageant girl.
  'I'm like one of the guys. Everybody expects Miss Ohio to walk around with her nails done and everything. That's not me,' said Kimberly Mullen, a 22-year-old Ohio State senior in international studies.
  Kimberly Mullen was born in California but moved to Huber Heights, Ohio, with her family when she was younger. According to her mother, Sherlynn Mullen, Miss Ohio has always been very demanding of herself.
  'If she got anything below an 'A' in high school she was upset,' Sherlynn Mullen said. That drive to be the best guided her through successful modeling and dance careers. Kimberly Mullen has modeled all over the world, from New York to Milan to Barcelona. She says being herself seperates her from a lot of models and helped her succeed in the Miss Ohio pageant.
  'I see a lot of girls stressing out about interviews and going over their answers,' Kimberly Mullen said. 'I just have fun with it.'
  Miss Ohio's mother will attest her daughter has not changed despite her success.
  'She is just naturally her,' Sherlynn Mullen said. 'The thing that makes me the most proud is that she has done everything she wanted to with her life, even when people told her she couldn't.'
  That strength to persevere helped Mullen when she visited Ground Zero in December. 'Words can't describe it,' Kimberly Mullen said. 'I cried when I was there, and I don't cry.'
  Ms. Ohio was at Ground Zero for one day during a 3-day photo shoot talking to firefighters and policemen still working on the wreckage. 'The firefighters and police were so nice,' she said. 'It was unbelievable.'
  Kimberly Mullen credits her strength through these hard times and her ability to achieve her dream to a friend she lost five years ago to ovarian cancer. 'She has been the biggest influence on my life,' Miss Ohio said. 'She never stopped living. Even right before she died, she always told me to live life while you can.'
   In memory of her friend she has decided to focus her reign as Miss Ohio on raising funds and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. 'It is a disease we know very little about,' Kimberly Mullen said."
- Shawn McKenna, The Lantern (Ohio State University student paper).
2002 - "Kimberly Danelle Mullen, sometimes known in the fashion world simply as Kymber, is very excited about being in pageants. 'This is a whole new world to me!' she exclaimed.
But the modeling business is familiar territory. She attended her first convention in high school, and by the time she was in college, the offers were pouring in. Today, with her schedule as a working model and as Miss Ohio USA, she can be a hard woman to catch up with. (We're not sure how we did it.)
  Do you think models are stuck up? Of course you do. But Ms. Mullen is as down-to-earth as the girl next door. She doesn't boast about the glamorous life she leads, and she downplays her successes. "I never made it past the average working model level," she told us with an impish sigh.
Average? She once spent sixteen hours in the rugged mountains of Greece, with no running water, doing a commercial for a South Korean car while goats munched the shrubs around her. It may not be glamorous, but it's certainly not average.
  The thing she enjoys most about being Miss Ohio USA is her work against ovarian cancer. As a teenager, she lost a friend to the disease, and it became a personal cause. "Now I can get people to listen," she said. They not only listen, they look.
  She just shot a catalog cover in New York for a hip new clothing line called "Motor Brands." She was an extra in Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday," and she says you can actually see her.
  Having grown up in an Air Force family and then worked as a model, Ms. Mullen has seen a lot of the world. Eventually, she hopes to join the U.S. Foreign Service, starting as an embassy spokeswoman and working her way up to ambassador."
- Pageant News Bureau

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