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Jolanda Jones
39, Houston, TX
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
January 26, 2005 - "Jolanda is yet another attorney, a defense attorney, with indigent clients. So... she... is clearly somebody who respects and wants to take care of the underdog, but she does it with such force that she's intimidating. This is a world-class athlete, still in great shape, very smart, comes in tall and strong, and you're thinking, "Oh my God!" And then she smiles and puts you at ease. She's got a lot of skills, this woman. And, and if she can... maneuver in a way that doesn't come on too strong, and get to a point where the game's individual, she could kick everybody's butt in this game." - Jeff Probst's pre-game comments on the contestants, from the official CBS site.
December 16, 2004

- Fresh off of her stint on Survivor (less than five days after returning to the United States) Jolanda appeared eager to throw her hat back into the political ring:
"Candidates are already lining up for four Houston City Council seats that term-limited members will be forced to vacate at the end of next year. Jeff Daily has decided to take on Peter Brown for the at-large Position 1 seat, which will be open when three-term Councilman Mark Ellis leaves.
  It promises to be an interesting race, pitting two diametrically opposed ideologues who can largely self-finance their own campaigns. Daily is a Republican. Brown is a Democrat. Both ran for different council seats in 2003.
Jolanda Jones, who along with Brown challenged Councilwoman Shelley Sekula-Gibbs last year, said she also intends to run again, probably for Position 1.
  'I don't have anything against Peter, but I wish he would run in his district seat. It's available,' she said.
  Brown lives in District C, being vacated by term-limited Mark Goldberg. Jones lives in District D, where Ada Edwards is expected to seek a third term.
  Although City Council is officially nonpartisan, Jones said she wishes Democrats would run just one candidate in each race. 'We cut each other up,' she said."

- Kristen Mack of the Houston Chronicle
November 8, 2004 - Name and pictures (eventually, in the case of the name) revealed by "Toasted Coconut" at the Pygmy Island spoiler board, along with additional biographical information, such as:
"- she was seen at the LA finals. verified and verifiable.
- she knew as early as October 15th that she'd be out of the country in november and through december (documentary proof).
- and the reason given why she missed the award banquet last week? they said she was 'out of the country'."
- Pygmy Island
November 5, 2004 - Was scheduled to be recognized by Texas Executive Women in their 2004 Women on the Move awards ceremony. Unfortunately, she was already in Palau at that time. - Texas Executive Women
July 28, 2004 - Defended Quanell X, who was indicted for allegedly evading arrest during a pursuit in which he says he was bringing in a police-shooting suspect.
"Grand jurors returned the indictment after two1⁄2 hours of deliberation.
'Sometimes the right result doesn't happen. I don't believe this is the right result,' said Jolanda Jones, Quanell X's attorney."
- Channel 2, Houston news (also contains video clip featuring Jolanda).
November 4, 2003 - Ran (unsuccessfully) for a spot on the Houston City Council. - Campaign site
1999 - Inducted into the Verizon Academic All-American Hall of Fame. Extensive profile and interview at Life's Playbook Online. Sample quote:
"One of the most upsetting moments in my life occurred when I sat on the Search Committee to find an Athletic Director for the University of Houston. I was the only Black person and the only woman on the committee. We’d decided on a candidate and had flown him in to offer him the job. We were at a fancy restaurant in Houston. My memory of the event is so vivid, like it was yesterday. I’d made a comment regarding the qualities which make a good athletic director. One of the wives of a UH alumnus, after hearing my remark, commented to her husband that I “spoke so well for a Black person." I couldn't believe that woman made such a racist and insensitive comment. It didn’t matter that she and her husband had given a lot of money to the university, nor did it matter that she and her husband were financially better off than me. I knew I spoke just as well as she did, and I wasn’t intimidated by her meanness. I didn’t feel any self-doubt. I knew I deserved to be there. My education and literacy gave me that confidence."
- Read Life's Playbook Online for the complete interview.

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