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Janu Tornell
39, Las Vegas, NV
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
January 26, 2005 - "Janu, the Las Vegas showgirl. Here's the thing that impressed me about her: She graduated college... after 20 years. That... is impressive to me. She didn't quit. It took forever, but she did it. And I think when you accomplish something like that, your self-confidence is such that you think you can do anything. She's certainly been in a world that there has to be a little bit of back-stabbing, in the Las Vegas showgirl world. You know, she's physically fit, been a dancer all her life... she could be fun out there." - Jeff Probst's pre-game comments on the contestants, from the official CBS site.
December 9, 2004 - Name guessed by "tribephyl" on the S10 Contestant Confirmator. - SNN

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