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James Miller
33, Mobile, AL
Steel worker
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
January 26, 2005 - "James... the self-described redneck... I don't buy for a second. This is the second guy this season I think is putting us on. But, he's a great character. And I'm looking forward to seeing him on the show, but I don't think he's near as dumb as he tries to play, and I think for a guy so poor, he sure has enough money to, you know color his hair. So... I don't know what's going on there, but... it'll be interesting to see if he can keep that charade up. That'll be the question I have. See on day one, if he's the same on day twenty-five. And then, and then I'll be impressed." - Jeff Probst's pre-game comments on the contestants, from the official CBS site.
December 10, 2004 - Name revealed by "Anonymous" on the S10 Contestant Confirmator. - SNN

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