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Ian Rosenberger
23, Economy, PA
A 6'8" Max Fischer
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
January 26, 2005 - "Ian is another guy that instantly puts a smile on your face. Because he just has a fun, warm energy about him. Done a lot of things in his life for a young guy. You know, he's skipped around all different sorts of places, and that could really serve him well, if... if in those... travels he's learned to socialize with people. Where it could work against him is if he's become so independent, that he's just used to doing things his own way, that'll kill you in this game." - Jeff Probst's pre-game comments on the contestants, from the official CBS site.
January 10, 2005 - Penn State's student newspaper, the Collegian, presents the following, largely cribbed from spoiler sites, but with some interesting quotes from fellow students:
"Former USG president may be 'Survivor' contestant
  ...Rosenberger, who graduated in August, was last year's USG president, a member of many clubs, director of a 2002 production of Jesus Christ Superstar and the 2003 Homecoming king. Standing 6 feet 8 inches tall, Rosenberger was well known on campus.
  'He's cute. I'd watch it if he was on it,' Courtney Kulick (sophomore-French and international politics) said. 'He's really tall too. I met him once; he's got a great personality. That might help him.'
   Current USG President Galen Foulke said he thinks Rosenberger's USG experience could help him. 'You gain a lot of experience communicating with people. You learn a lot about teamwork,' Foulke said. 'Just being Ian is all he needs to be on the show. He's got a lot of friends, and I'm sure people would watch it [if he were on it]. I'd be interested to see how he does. I hope he does Penn State proud.'
  In an e-mail message, Penn State President Graham Spanier had some encouraging words for Rosenberger. 'I can't think of anyone more perfect for this opportunity than Ian,' Spanier wrote. 'Anyone who can survive a USG impeachment attempt and survive me as president is likely to be well-prepared. I wish him well and hope he wears lots of Penn State gear on the show.'"
- Laurie Cataldo, Penn State Collegian
December 25, 2004 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette leaps into action, mere months after Ian's cast position was spoiled:
"Fan Web sites for the granddaddy of the reality shows list Ian Rosenberger as a contestant on the next season of Survivor on the tropical paradise of Palau in the Pacific. That round of play will feature 20 contestants rather than the standard 16 or 18 and start airing in February.
  Reached on his cell phone yesterday, Rosenberger declined comment. CBS offices were closed for the holiday but the network typically introduces participants on its morning news program and then forbids contestants from discussing the show before or while it is airing.
  This much we know: In April 2003, Rosenberger was elected undergraduate student government president at Penn State. In a later speech to incoming freshmen, he told students he lives on a small horse farm with his parents and younger sister. Rosenberger was expected to graduate from Penn State with degrees in animal science and education.
  Various campus stories said Rosenberger was associated with 20 organizations, including the Outing Club, Thespians (he directed a production of "Jesus Christ Superstar") and Essence of Joy choir. A Survivor fan gossip site describes Rosenberger as charming, charismatic and very tall -- he told freshmen he stands 6 feet, 8 inches tall.
  He concluded that impassioned talk to campus newcomers this way: 'Folks, these next years are the ones you'll look back on when you're 80. Live this time with an urgency to, as they'd say in Dead Poets Society, to suck the marrow from this life. Play hard, think deep and dream big out there....'"
- Barbara Vancheri, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
September 14, 2004 - PurpleRock, posing as eandp, resuscitates the Ian Rosenberger story at Other boards follow...
"I was a camp counselor this summer and one of our moronic directors announced to the entire camp several times that a former counselor was being considered for Survivor. Being the Survivor freak that I am, I knew they were in the process of filming Vanuatu, so he must be considered for 10 (Pulau?).
The director's exact words were that he is in the final 20-24. His name is Ian Rosenberger, and he's a student at Penn State. Apparently he's incredibly charming and charismatic. He definitely has a shot at getting on the show according to other counselors who knew him."
July 30, 2004 - Evilandproud (aka eandp) posts the following at TWoP, in the S9 spoiler thread:
"Ive been posting on TWoP forever and am quite a lurker in the Survivor forums, AND, I know one more contestant. His name is Ian Rosenberg, is from Pennsylvania, went to Penn State, and was class president. He actually tried out for the amazing race and one of the casting directors worked for Mark Burnett also and asked him to be on Survivor when he didnt make the cut. He is six foot seven, and he could totally win the thing. He is one of the most charasmatic people ever. I have this on really good authority, and if Im wrong I will never show my face here again. For real."
- TWoP

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