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Episode 6: "Worst Case Scenario"
Filmed: June 28, 2010; Airs: Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Episode-specific spoilers - Follow links for detailed discussion; IC summary below:
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Immunity Challenge: Holly, Jill win individual immunity

Sadly, neither the medallion of power, nor the tribal immunity troll should come into play this week, as both are eschewed in favor of individual immunity necklaces. Maybe. This is the spot where the dual-individual immunity challenge, "Rope-A-Dope," took place in Heroes vs. Villains. Furthermore, in the post-Ep5 preview of Ep6, we see Probst say, "Tribal immunity is not what you're playing for today," which implies the immunity is individual.


As for the challenge itself, as noted by duckfarmer0000 at MeSS, CBS accidentally put up a photo from this challenge with their Episode 4 picture gallery, which shows NaOnka using a paddle to flip a ring. Presumably, they'll get around to putting more images up as the ads start to trickle out. Guesses at winners: Jill appears to be wearing the necklace at Tribal Council, so she is the most likely La Flor winner. For Espada, Benry has been going out of his way to appear to be a post-merge challenge threat, and is heavily featured in the web promo, so we'll guess him.


The web promo makes clear that there are two separate (by tribe) challenges for individual immunity. birdlady at MeSS notes that there appears to be a separate area for a final showdown between the two winners, as was done to win the tribe a tribal council feast in Heroes vs. Villains. We'll try to separate the La Flor-specific and Espada-specific challenge runs below. No idea who wins the final faceoff.


Vidcap gallery: Click thumbnail to expand; use arrow keys to navigate between enlarged pics.

Immunity Challenge: Espada challenge shots - Holly wins.

Below are shots of this part of the challenge from the Espada heat. We're thinking the heavy focus on Benry means he wins. The lanes, from Probst outwards, are: black, light blue, orange, navy blue, red, blue-green, yellow, light green. Lane assignments for Espada: NaOnka, light blue; Benry, orange; Yve, navy blue; Chase, red; Alina, blue-green; Holly, yellow; Dan, green. Posts, rings, paddles and lane markers are all individually color-coded. In the "individual" shot below, Benry has already racked three or four rings, and is working on another one.

Update: Kona at MeSS notes that Holly appears to be wearing the Espada necklace in this week's press photos, indicating Holly wins immunity. Apparently the ads are some sort of consolation prize for Benry not appearing in the actual show.


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Immunity Challenge: La Flor challenge shots - Jill wins

And here are the La Flor shots. Less clear who the overall focus is, but check the boot page for the shot of Jill in the necklace. Unless you don't want to be spoiled, in which case, we're not sure why you're reading this. Lane assignments: Kelly S, black; Jane, light blue; Sash, orange; Brenda, navy blue; Kelly B, red; Jud/Fabio, blue-green; Marty, yellow; Jill, green.


Vidcap gallery: Click thumbnail to expand; use arrow keys to navigate between enlarged pics.