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Episode 4: "Pulling the Trigger"
Filmed: June 22-24, 2010; Airs: Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Episode-specific spoilers - Follow links for detailed discussion; IC summary below:
Overview | Reward Challenge | Immunity Challenge | Boot
Immunity Challenge: ? - ? wins

In which one of the tribes may play the Medallion of Power, ensuring victory. Unless they suck, and still lose. Or don't play it. That oughta narrow down the possible outcomes. Whatever path they take to it, one of the tribes should end up groping Stumpy McShortsword, below. Their mothers must be so proud.


And since we already know the boot this week, it would appear the idol gropers this week are La Flor. Or, to Jeff Probst, "Younger tribe."


Should actual spoilers and/or video relating to this challenge emerge or air, we'll probably update this page to reflect that. Don't say we didn't try to warn you.