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True Dork Times Survivor 16: Micronesia spoilers
Episode 1: "" Filmed: Oct. 29-31, 2007
Airdate: February 7, 2008
Episode 1: Summary | Tribes | Arrival/Ind. IC | IC | Boot
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Survivor: Micronesia episode 1 spoiler/ speculation summary
Tribes    As had already been spoiled, but was confirmed by the post-S15 finale preview of Survivor: Micronesia, the game will start with a tribe of returning "favorites" battling against a tribe of new contestants (alleged "fans"). All have been spoiled before the cast announcement, but we'll bore you with the names again.

Click here to find out which contestants end up where.
RC    As far as we can tell, there actually appears to be an Ep1 reward challenge, shortly after the two tribes meet for the first time. After Erik's screams of joy die down, there is a complete rehash of the first Palau challenge - a race through the water, in which the first two finishers claim individual immunity idols. Ozzy and Jason would probably be the favorites here.

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First ic?   Both tribes will have fun times putting together puzzles to make wheels for a cart, which they then have to lug through the jungle, around (or through) various barriers. The n00bs win, and Mr. "Be careful what you wish for" wiggles his nose and disappears. The end.

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Tribal council    Sadly, someone will get the unfortunate title of first "Half-ASS bootee." Unless, of course, someone quits first, in which case there will be an asterisk or something. Whatever. Who will it be?

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