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Michael 'Mikey B' Bortone
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Mikey B 's CBS S16 site bio
January 5 , 2008: CBS eventually gets around to putting up their Survivor: Micronesia site, which includes Mikey B's bio (below):

Age: 34
Home Town: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Aspiring Writer/Actor

    Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Michael Bortone is an aspiring writer/actor who studies at the Actors Circle Theatre. He once owned a chimney and masonry company and also managed a bar/restaurant. Bortone attended the Maine Central Institute (prep school) and two years of college at Northeastern University in Boston. He has appeared in commercials for Levi's, American Express and Progressive Auto.
    Bortone's hobbies include traveling, sports and movies. He regularly plays basketball and softball and enjoys running. He describes himself as resilient, available and easy-going. He is most proud of finishing screenplays and producing a short film. His favorite sport is football. He believes his fishing skills and ability to build things will help him on Survivor.
    Bortone is currently single and resides in Los Angeles, California. with his pit bull, Coco. His birth date is December 29, 1973."

Entertainment Weekly
January 3, 2008: Entertainment Weekly (mostly Dalton Ross) handles the cast-release chores for Survivor: Micronesia. Included is Mikey B's pre-show interview and Probst's comments:

AGE: 34
OCCUPATION: Writer/actor
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles (originally from Boston)

MICHAEL SAYS: ''I'm good at reading people. You got to be everybody's best friend.''

JEFF PROBST SAYS: ''I like Mikey B. a lot. He's Boston, and Boston is so damn good to Survivor. He's got a colorful way of saying the most mundane thing, and that makes him somebody I will love to go to at Tribal Council."
MayanSun at Survivor Sucks
December 17, 2007: MayanSun (SurvivorFever) posts Mike's name, age and hometown, matching his biographical info to the shots from the post-S15 finale preview (below).

"Michael Anthony Bortone from Watertown MA, now living in LA. Age: 33, DOB 12/29/07.
Same Guy ???"

December 16, 2007: CBS shows clips of the non-All Star contestants in their preview of S16/ Survivor: Micronesia. Mikey B's blurb and images:

Mikey B: "I've been watching Survivor... [pauses to remember rest of line] since the beginning."

Vidcaps - Click thumbnails images to view larger image:
Mikey B Mikey B
2006-ish: Biographical info from Michael's own website, set up as an online resume/CV for acting jobs:

   "I moved out to Los Angeles in 2003 with one goal in mind. TO WORK. My talent got me enough footage to create my reel with roles in four short films and one independent film. Three commercials along with a dozen featured roles in major studio films supported me financially while I studied with numerous coaches to gain the knowledge to turn my talent into a career. I would like to name coaches - Arthur Mendoza, Aaron Speiser, Brian Reise, and Peter Kelley.
    I grew up in an Italian home of six, just 10 minutes outside the great city of Boston. With the love, inspiration, support, and tutoring of my dad, the late Robert Bortone, I excelled in all sports and chose to play quarterback for the Huskies of Northeastern University. From there I decided to stray from my major of criminal justice and went into the liquor business. I started out as an assistant manager of a local discount store, and then moved on to manage a successful resturaunt in downtown Boston. When the opportunity to purchase an already up and running construction company arose, I dove in head first and took out a small bank loan to make it happen. I ran it successfully for 5 years which gave me the ability to get a taste of my true passion, acting. It was then when I realized my calling was to move out west to the place where dreams do come true. So I packed up my bags for that opportunity to become a reality. And it will be here where my work ethic, discipline, great attitude, and of course a little luck, will one day catapult me to the top of this industry."

He also lists himself at 6' 4"/ 210 lbs, and had "featured" roles in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Harold & Kumar. (Plus a guest appearance on Tru Calling, then-girlfriend Eliza Dushku's show).

Popular Thinking blog
October 3, 2005: Blog post showing Michael and Eliza Dushku at some event in Boston called "Wizard World."

"Mama Bortone snaps a pic of Eliza Dushku with her boyfriend, Michael Bortone (right), and fellow Bortones at Wizard World Boston on Saturday."
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