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Contestant-related press and rumors
Alexis's CBS S16 site bio
January 5 , 2008: CBS eventually gets around to putting up their Survivor: Micronesia site, which includes Alexis's bio (below):

Age: 24
Home Town: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Motivational Speaker

   Alexis Jones was born and raised in Austin, Texas, with four older brothers. She received her bachelor’s degree in international relations and Spanish and most recently finished her master’s degree in communications management, both from the University of Southern California. While at USC, Jones hosted a college television show (for three years) called 'Doing It for Reel,' where she interviewed celebrities on the red carpet of movie premieres and press junkets.
    Jones is a motivational speaker who works one-on-one with young girls to build confidence and self-esteem. She just created an empowerment/non-profit organization for young girls called “I Am That Girl.” While still in school, she worked at Fox Sports and interned with ESPN (mostly because she is a self-described 'sports junky'). She also founded and reported for a website that covered the 2005 USC football season.
    Her hobbies include hanging out with family and friends, writing (she’s currently working on an empowerment book for girls titled 'Comatose Barbie') and watching college football. She describes herself as contagiously energetic, fiercely competitive and resilient. She has traveled to Costa Rica, Spain, China and Morocco and has hiked 150 miles to the base of Mt. Everest. She is a member of the Bel Air Presbyterian Church. Jones enjoys playing volleyball, flag football, soccer and has just completed a triathlon.
    Jones is currently single and resides in Beverly Hills, California. Her birth date is July 6, 1983."

Entertainment Weekly
January 3, 2008: Entertainment Weekly (mostly Dalton Ross) handles the cast-release chores for Survivor: Micronesia. Included is Alexis's pre-show interview and Probst's comments:

AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: Motivational speaker
HOMETOWN: Beverly Hills (originally from Austin, Tex.)

ALEXIS SAYS: ''People will see the Southern belle in me. But I'm fiercely competitive — despite my dimples.''

JEFF PROBST SAYS: ''When she came in she was so excited. And I launched into this speech about how you need to drop the excitement and get your head in the game because these other people out here, they're already playing, they're already playing you, and they're already seeing you're this little simple girl from Texas that they're going to run right over. And she looks at me and says, 'I've read every person here.' And she had a pretty good read on everybody. I thought, This is all I need to know. This girl knows how to play. As a fan, I picked this girl to win."
MayanSun at Survivor Sucks
December 20, 2007: Along with a pair of matching vidcaps from the post-finale preview of S16, and a biographical sketch from a magazine, MayanSun (SurvivorFever) posts Alexis's name, location and occupation at Sucks:

"New info to SF...

Alexis Jones
from Austin, Texas
USC Graduate - Bachelors Degree in International Relations and Spanish; Masters Degree in Communication Management
Occupation: Lifestyle Personal Development and Image Consultant, Motivational Speaker."

December 16, 2007: CBS shows clips of the non-All Star contestants in their preview of S16/ Survivor: Micronesia. Alexis's blurb and images:

Alexis: "I'm so excited!"
(Thankfully, she was not singing a Pointer Sisters song at the time).

Vidcaps - Click thumbnails images to view larger image:
CobySucks at Survivor Sucks
December 3, 2007: Someone named CobySucks (who?) reveals the following at SurvivorSucks's S16+ forum:

"Okay the first cast spoiler I will say I am 100% on...

I have then been giving the rest of the cast list from very very very good sources so I will mark this 99%...
Joel, a fireman, Kathy, Mary (fake tits), Natalie, Alexis and Tracy

add in Curt and Truck and that should be the whole new tribe except 1."

Alexis's bio at the USC blog
December 1, 2005: Alexis, who at the time is blogging for the USC (University of Spoiled Children) football team, is the cover girl for Swoop magazine.

Sample post, possibly from Alexis (yes, she's just your average Survivor fan):
"Skulking Around Longhorn Country"

From Tuesday's Austin American-Statesman:

Is she a spy? A double-agent? A burgeoning Trojan fan site, Inside USC, is co-authored by - get this - an Austinite. Alexis Jones, a communications grad student at USC, is a 2001 Westlake High graduate with a father, a mother and two grandparents who graduated from UT. But she's also buddies with USC quarterback Matt Leinert [sic] and was among the small group partying with him after the Heisman festivities 10 days ago. Home for the holidays, she's been skulking around Longhorn Country, feeding the Web site. Look out.
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