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Episode 1: "Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise" Filmed: June 27-29, 2005
Airdate: September 15, 2005
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Aired 9/11
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Aired 9/10
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Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Real media; added 8/18/05)
CBS: "18 Survivors will be marooned within this mysterious and rugged terrain. For the first time, the castaways will actually live within the ruins of a vanished civilization. And they will be forced to embrace the ancient Maya lifestyle. Join us this fall as the adventure continues with Survivor: Guatemala, The Maya Empire."
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Lydia: "My profession is a fishmonger. I've been working at a, um, fish retail outlet for 18 years. I can filet, I can steak, I can cut, I can gut. Any type of fish, you name it."

Jeff Probst: "Lydia the fishmonger: as charming as she is, if I were betting, I, I wouldn't bet on her. Now watch, I'll be at the finale, and she'll be sitting in the final two."
Jamie: - "I've never been outside of the United States before. I didn't even have a passport before, until recently, when I got picked for the show. I got one."
- "This is gonna be one of the best experiences of my life. You can't top this."

Jeff Probst: "I imagine he's gonna try and charm the women. And befriend the guys. I actually think Jamie might do all right. There's some question as to whether he'll fit in, but I, I think he might surprise people."
Jeff Probst: "This is a guy who doesn't want to let anybody know what he's done. But what he has done is big time sports, big time spotlight, in the leader position - a quarterback."

Gary: "I think it's been 15 years. My ash-blond hair is uh, you know, might be throwing 'em off a little. When people hear 'NFL' they think, uh, 'big bucks.' I was pre-big bucks. And, I don't want that to hurt me, or my chances at all. I'm expecting it to be, just, tough as nails. I'm ready mentally for that. You know, it's just, just like going to training camp."
Brian: "Five years ago, when the first episode aired, I was 17 at the time, and I said: I'm going on that show. I'm gonna win that show. It's time, and it's my time. I'm gonna win. As a psych major I wrote about Machiavelli, and how it ties in. And about what kind of personality it would take to win the game. So, you know, I got 'A's on all those papers, so I know what I'm talking about."

Jeff Probst: "He is one of the most confident, uh... arrogant... Ivy League kids you'll ever meet. Brian, on day one, is gonna be in for a shock when he gets to that first challenge."
Rafe: - "Although it's surprising not very many people are both Mormon and gay. Um... but, you know, I think it's, it's just part of who I am growing up. I don't really fit in with either of those, so I kind of had to make my own path. Um, which is fine with me. You know, like I'm, I'm totally happy with who I am, and like, the decisions that I've made in my life."
- "I'm an anthropology concentrator and biology, at Brown. Um, and I took a class on the Maya last semester. Um, with a professor who is a... leader in the Mayan field. So I was like, 'Whoa! That worked out well.'"
- "That girl with the short blonde hair? We're going to the final two, I just want to put that out there right now. She's gonna be my best friend, I think."

Jeff Probst: - "Rafe certainly is a favorite. Bright guy, funny guy."
- "I think he might have a good idea who to pair up with. He seems like he might be a quick study of people."
Morgan: - [In response to Rafe?] "We could hate each other by day three, but, as of now.... "
- "I think before like, I open my mouth, and... and I talk, I think people just assume that I'm evil [laughs]. I dunno, maybe I just have an angry look on my face? But as you can see, I'm not. I think the fact that I'm, you know, only 21, you know, I'm the baby. The fact that I'm not set in my ways, that I am very open-minded, very optimistic, I think that all of those things will, will help."
Brianna: - "I remember when Survivor 1 first came out, and looking at those people, thinking 'those people are insane. I could never do that.' It looked amazing, and beautiful, and a challenge, no doubt. But I never, ever, would have put myself here."
- "A lot of people think I'm just some goody two-shoes that doesn't like to get her nails dirty, but uh, I think I can handle it. I think you'll be surprised."

Jeff Probst: "This game may be too much for her. Or she may surprise everybody and say you know what, watch... watch my guts. Because I got, I got 'em."
Amy: - "Who knows why I do these things? I'm out of my freakin' mind!"
- "I'm like... Fat Spice, surrounded by the Spi-... you know, compared to the Spice Girls in this game? But I think my girth's gonna work to my advantage. You know, I've been an athlete my whole entire life, I played woman's professional football, and I'm strong."
- "And if you tell me I have to go run five miles right now? I'll get it done. It might take me a while, but I'll get it done, you know what I'm sayin'?"

Jeff Probst: "Amy is... a combination to me, a little bit of Jolanda and uh... and Twila. You never know which way that person's gonna go."
Jim: - "I think I can do this. I've got the age thing, but I'm in good shape, and I work out all the time, so.... Hopefully I can pull it off."
- "Tom did well, yeah, yeah. And that's the kind of thing, I... I say, am I gonna tell these people I'm a firefighter? Because I'm gonna have a target on my back, you know, as... as big as the moon."

Jeff Probst: "A lot of the opinions, at least that I got, are negative. And he... 'I don't like this, I don't like that.'"
Cindy: - "Stuff that they do on Survivor? Is stuff that, like, that's my life. That's the stuff that I do. Lived in a fish camp, and, built a fire in my front yard and sat there with my dog at night after work. I mean, I've cooked on an open flame, just because I could."
- "As far as this area? I'm just like right at home. Rain and everything, you know, we just got caught in a downpour. It's just like being at home. South Florida?"

Jeff Probst: "Cindy seems a little high-wired. A little high-strung. And, you know, when you introduce tension to somebody like that, they tend to either just shut down, which would probably help her, or they just light up like the Fourth of July, which will... help her go home."
Brandon: "I think they might think I'm the, uh, dumb, ignorant hick. Nice, nice innocent farm boy from Kansas? You know, that might play to my advantage, I might play that role a little bit. A little ways, but really I think I'm pretty cunning, and...."
Danni: - "I always wanted to be a professional athlete, but... it didn't work out that way. So it's kind of like getting to fulfill that dream a little bit."
- "Actually, I did a pageant a long time ago. And um, I adjusted pretty well for the most part to it. And I think I can read people, and I kind of know how to, to work with that. So I don't anything will be a problem, as far as that goes."

Jeff Probst: "Sometimes women don't do as well. Because they get to the end of the game, and they let men run over them. I don't think that'll happen with Danni. I think if Danni makes it deep, you'd better watch out."
Blake: "My biggest thing is, I think that you can't underestimate Jeff Probst. I think that he's very much involved in the game, and it's not 16 that's out here right off the bat, it's 17. So, um, yeah... we'll see where that takes us."

Jeff Probst: "The interesting thing about Blake was, when we were actually in the casting room, and we brought all the women in, all the female producers, and....they didn't, they weren't taken."
Brooke: "I think there's some people that look, a little bit like, stronger, bigger than me. But, I think I have the physical, like, endurance, um... I did cross-country and run every day, and that kind of stuff, so I think I've got the endurance, and just the mental game to compete with everybody else."
Margaret: - "From the very beginning, my sons would say to me, 'Mom, you should be on Survivor. You could win.' But it was never a time in my life until now that it seemed like it would work. So, here I am."
- "I grew up in a large family, we had 10 in our family. If you wanted something, you had to get it. Nobody, nobody got anything if you just waited 'til anybody offered, you know? So uh, I, I've always been intense. Whatever I wanted to achieve, I set the goal and went after it."

Judd: - "Here we are in Guatemala."
- "As soon as they get out of their cab, I make their stay as pleasurable as possible. Give 'em a load of information, and send them on their way. And I want to provide for my tribe as, as much as I can. And they're gonna need me here, because I will provide for them."
- "The toughest part of the game is leaving my wife and my daughter. They are my two biggest fans. So I know that I have their support, which makes me feel comfortable. And they do not want to see me go home, unless I win."
Amy: "Well I really liked Stephenie from the last season. I thought she was tough and sucked it up."

Danni: "Stephenie is my favorite Survivor. I mean, I think everybody loves Stephenie."

Jeff Probst: "The issue of fairness comes up now. In one sense, these two have played the game before. So they're gonna know some shortcuts. Working against them, they've played the game before. And uh, people might have a bias against that."

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