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Episode 1: "Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise" Filmed: June 27-29, 2005
Airdate: September 15, 2005
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Aired 9/11
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Aired 9/10
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Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Real media; added 8/18/05)
CBS: "18 Survivors will be marooned within this mysterious and rugged terrain. For the first time, the castaways will actually live within the ruins of a vanished civilization. And they will be forced to embrace the ancient Maya lifestyle. Join us this fall as the adventure continues with Survivor: Guatemala, The Maya Empire."
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Amy O'Hara: "Amy uh, you know, seems to be a hard worker, certainly has a job that puts her in social situations, in which she's had to deal with a lot of different people. And that could be a skill that really serves her well. Her rough edges are the things that could get her in trouble out here."
Judd Sergeant: "Judd was a guy we liked the second he walked in the door, because he's just this big, jovial personality. He's a doorman from New York City. The big question with Judd is gonna be: can he hack it?"
Brooke Struck: "Brooke is one that I'm not sure which way she's gonna go. She seems like she's very bright, and could be a nice, quiet leader. Or, Brooke could go the other way and sort of fade away."
Blake Towsley: "Blake appears on paper to be a guy's guy. Handsome guy, girls like him. You know, that can work for you, or against you."
Brianna Varela: "Brianna... I think Brianna has a reason to be out here, that is not about adventure, and it's not about money. I think it's about proving something to herself. And I always love those stories."
Brandon Bellinger: "Brandon's from my, uh, part of the world, Kansas. And uh you know, he comes off as just sort of a 'Hey, ah just want to have fuuuun...' and, I don't, I don't know if I'm buying that."
Danni Boatwright: "Danni is someone that I think people are probably gonna get behind. She's in great shape, she's tall, and she's got a competition background."
Margaret Bobonich: "Margaret is a nurse. A caregiver, in other words. And she's also a mother: she's raised a family and dealt with those dynamics. And she's athletic. Those are three big qualities, and I think Margaret could do really well in this game."
Cindy Hall: "Cindy is a wild card, in this sense: She works with animals, she's out in nature a lot. It seems like, that, the question for Cindy is gonna be: What happens when the conflict comes?"
Gary Hogeboom: "Gary Hogeboom is a favorite in this sense: He's played at the highest level. Played with the NFL, and he played in the quarterback spot, the leading spot, where you lead a team. And that's what Survivor is like, you're leading a tribe of people in big-time moments. The... the thing for Gary is, does anybody know who he is?"
Rafe Judkins: "Rafe's one of my favorites. Love this guy. Loved him right when he walked in the room. Bright guy, funny, got a lot of levels to him. And from talking to him, you can tell he's a pretty good judge of character. He, he can suss out who somebody's like, and who might be somebody wise to hook up with."
Jim Lynch: "Jim is a former fire captain. And, you know, it's interesting when you've been in a postion of power, it can work a couple of ways. And in Jim's case, I think it works in a way that... (laughs) power corrupts."
Morgan McDevitt: "Morgan is somebody who my first impression of was, 'Hmmm, I dunno.' You know, magician's assistant/ waitress, whatever she is... for the Survivor game, I'm not sure she's gonna have it. The more I'm around Morgan, the more I'm starting to think, 'I think this girl has a lot more than I saw at first glance.'"
Lydia Morales: "Lydia the fishmonger. I'm not gonna lie, I don't think Lydia's going to last long. And I think it's because she's not gonna be built for this game. This is so tough out here, it is so hot, and the challenges are so physical. You know, she's in jeans, for crying out loud."
Jamie Newton: "Jamie Newton... his fate rests with him. And his attitude. Jamie can be a lippy, cocky, pain in the ass. Or he can be a strong competitor and funny. And respectful. Time will tell which Jamie comes out."

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