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Episode 8: "The Hidden Immunity Idol" Filmed: July 15-17, 2005
Airdate: November 3, 2005
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Aired 10/29/05
i spit on theeVidcaps:
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Uploaded 10/28/05
Episode description
Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Uploaded 10/28/05)
CBS: "- Survivors learn that there is an Immunity idol hidden in the Guatemalan jungle, and the hunt begins.
- Given the choice to feast or challenge, several castaways choose to enjoy a large feast in front of the others instead of competing for Immunity. Is this a smart move, or will their hunger be their demise?"
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Since Probst is only just asking about the sleeping arrangements at the IC, we'll guess the treemail describing the hidden idol, and the ensuing scurrying about, takes the place of this week's reward challenge. Who finds it? Your guess is as good as ours. Sucks poster ToothOfTime apparently thinks Danni is the one to find it (although incorrectly describing the idol as an "Immunity Envelope," when it's clearly just the usual idol, crammed into a tree). We'd like to think Rafe's extensive experience looking around in the woods for bugs to eat would help him here, but it could be just about anyone. Or they could not find it until a later episode. Since more than one person sits out the IC, it seems unlikely that sitting out the IC necessarily means much, apart from feeling comfortable with your tribal position.
REWARD CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click to expand
hidden idol treemail hidden idol treemail steph idol in tree-highlighted bj, brandon searching

No challenge shots yet, at least as of the web promo, but we do have shots of challenge arrival (below), and the CBS clues: "Given the choice to feast or challenge, several castaways choose to enjoy a large feast in front of the others instead of competing for Immunity. Is this a smart move, or will their hunger be their demise?" We note that Danni is wearing her buff the same way in the shot of her sitting down as in the arrival shot (behind the gaping Steph), and the ruins behind her match those in the pre-challenge shots of the tribe talking to Probst. So Danni is either choosing to sit out, or has been eliminated already. No clue what the challenge is, since it's not shown.

Who wins? We'd guess one of Judd, Jamie, BJ or Brandon. Apart from that, we can probably eliminate a few people. The web promo also has a shot of the march to tribal council (also below, offset with a grey background), and someone ought to be wearing the immunity necklace there, if they won the IC (we've also included Rafe wearing the necklace, for comparison, taken from the Ep6 tribal councils). Steph and Cindy don't appear to be wearing the necklace. Probably not Rafe either, but that's not clear. So... not much help there. We'll go with the general consensus that Bobby Jon needs this win to save his butt this week, and in doing so, achieves his "lifelong dream" of making the jury (right up there with Homer's running onto the field at a ball game, but hey, at least he gets it).

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click to expand
steph, yaxhakum steph, yaxhakum bj rafe, yaxhakum brandon, ic
jamie, ic ic danni tribal council hike rafe-ep6 tc

We were initially fairly sure this week's boot would be Gary, but Xbalanque: 's post pointing instead to Brandon gives us pause. In retrospect, we'll admit that a couple of lines of evidence for Gary not making the jury were not as solid as we thought. So let's go through the candidates for the boot:

Gary Brandon

- Strong, immunity threat, leader.
- By all appearances to his ex-tribemates now on Nakum, he sold out Brian and Amy to save himself.
- On the other hand, previously had an alliance with Steph, who is already tiring of Jamie. Logical replacement there. Perhaps with Danni replacing Judd as well?

- Xbalanque: Probably last non-juror.
- Strong, immunity threat.
- Shown (again in web promo) looking concerned as Probst tells Yaxha they're merging after the Ep7 TC.
- He and Bobby Jon are shown desperately looking for the hidden idol, suggesting both are in trouble.
- Shown struggling with decisions in past few episodes. Not good in a potential juror?

On balance, we'll admit that Brandon and BJ would appear to be in greater immediate danger. Then again, with two paths to immunity open, it's not inconceivable that both could be protected this week. But Brandon does seem a bit more likely than Gary.

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