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Episode 7: "Surprise Enemy Visit" Filmed: July 12-14, 2005
Airdate: October 27, 2005
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Full 30-sec TV ad vidcaps

Aired 10/23/05
Ep7 20-sec NCAA TV ad vidcaps

Aired 10/22/05
Episode description
Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Uploaded 10/21/05)
CBS: "- Fear threatens to ruin one castaway's ability to enjoy a reward.
- An unexpected visit from the opposing tribe makes some of the other castaways uncomfortable about being friendly with the enemy.
- A heart to heart ends with one Survivor telling another, 'You can lie...But, I will track you down. I will find you!'
- After a difficult Tribal Council, the castaways are bombarded with another big surprise."
Other vidcaps: Post-Ep6 TV preview (10/20) | Ep7 web promo (10/21) | Ep7 10-sec NCAA TV ad (10/22) | Ep7 20-sec NCAA TV ad (10/22) | Full 30-sec TV ad (10/23) |
Apparently unsuccessful in their efforts to convince America that Survivor is TV's #1 reality show (as long as you don't count American Idol), CBS devoted almost all of the web promo this week to recycled shots and self-spam, so there's precious little challenge footage to go on. But there is a zipline ride shown (as noted in the Toronto Star article BJ posted at Sucks: "Other sites outside Yaxha, such as a private park that offers rides on cables through the jungle canopy, were also used to film," and a Dan Bollinger post at Sucks: "we heard that a canopy ride may have been used in the filming"), so we're guessing that it is either a reward or an actual challenge. Seems better suited to Yaxha, either way, and from the "exciting" (translation: blurry and/or dark) video of it, it looks like maybe Bobby Jon is on it.

But it's probably just the reward. Or maybe it's both. The only clearly challenge-oriented shots would appear to be the ones from the 10-sec and 20-sec TV ads of Cindy running. Bobby Jon is also there, apparently waiting for a Yaxha teammate, as Cindy runs past. Cindy's wearing a belt/harness, which would appear to be related to the bound tribe members appearing in the PIP promo that Mayan Sun posted at MeSS. It's still possible that some form of a zipline is also involved in the RC itself, but it seems more likely the full-fledged canopy ride could be (a part of) the reward.

Who wins? We think Yaxha wins, because (in addition to BJ on the zipline) we can't really explain their visit to Nakum's camp any other way. It's too early for a merge (or a fake one, for that matter). Seems more likely they are doing some sort of camp raid. Yeah. that's been done many times before, but maybe they get to steal/borrow something different (Lydia, to take along on the reward? - Lydia's bio mentions a fear of extreme heights). So maybe Nakum wins after all.

Update: As posted by Bitsie222 at Sucks, apparently CBS claimed this morning that: "Danni is having a birthday pool party and her team goes to Nakum to invite them to come without their buffs." So if the visit has nothing to do with a reward (and visiting bug-infested Nakum hardly seems like a reward), we'll go with Lydia's fear of heights suggesting a Nakum win here.
REWARD CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click to expand
cindy - rc? cindy, bj-zipline zipline zipline zipline

There are also some other challenge shots: A pyramid with two color-coded circles next to it, and Gary carrying a flag (from the web promo), and shots of Judd and Brandon digging (from the 10-sec NCAA TV ad). There may be an idol-like object in the background of the digging shots, so we'll go with that for the IC, at least. But it's not at all clear which challenge the overhead and Gary shots belong to. Anyway, so... digging is the challenge. Pretty lame, Milhouse.

Regardless, Nakum wins, because either Gary or Amy is going home. Ho hum.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click to expand
zipline gary - ep6 challenge judd, brandon - ic? judd, brandon - ic? judd, brandon - ic?

We've retired poor, always-wrong Darty the Dartboard (who ended his run at a skillful 0-3). Better luck next time, Darty. As mentioned above, Amy or Gary is getting the boot. Since CBS is playing up the Hogeboom/Hawkins thing in the ad, it's probably Amy.

And that's how you narrate a spoiler site. Refunds are available at the door.

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