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Episode 6: "Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble" Filmed: July 11-12?, 2005
Airdate: October 20, 2005
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Ep6 20-sec NCAA TV ad vidcaps

Aired 10/15/05
judd, jamieVidcaps:
Ep6 10-sec NCAA TV ad vidcaps

Aired 10/15/05
Episode description
Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Real media, uploaded 10/14/05)
CBS: "- After winning an arduous Reward Challenge, one tribe member ruins it for the rest by becoming intoxicated and obnoxious.
- A grueling physical challenge pushes two castaways to the breaking point, leading to a screaming match that comes close to exploding.
- In a Tribal Council first, one castaway bullies and insults a fellow tribe member despite attempts to keep the peace."
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e6 rcAs posted by Jaborwok at Sucks, there appears to be only one challenge this week (since it's a double-boot episode, that would be the reward challenge shown, although it's possible that, as in Vanuatu, additional runs could produce an individual immunity winner), described as follows in TV Guide. (Image below scanned by ivybubbles at Sucks, posted by Mickey K2):

"Another Survivor episode, another great twist. This week both teams go to Tribal Council and send someone home. But first, there's a rough-and-tumble reward challenge called 'boulder smash' [below]. The losing tribe has to vote out a member. Then again, so must the winning tribe. Hey, nobody ever said life on Survivor would be fair!"

The challenge itself features a red line down the middle, at which the boulder starts, and color-coded "goal" lines at either end (with cones). The tribes (at least two-person teams) run to the boulder, and to score a point, try to push it across their goal line. Fairly simple. Multiple pairs are visible (Judd-Steph, Judd-Jamie, Amy-Gary, Amy-Danni), so pair picking may be semi-random (after initial gender-specific pairs) as in the Ep3 ball game challenge. As pointed out at MeSS (by Sam Buru), the post-Ep5 preview shows Nakum celebrating in the background of the BJ-Jamie chest thumping, so they probably win the reward (visible on a table behind Brandon, mid-challenge). Who wins individual immunity? Your guess is as good as ours.
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ruins nakum flag judd, margaret judd jamie
margaret bj, brandon squashing amy rockma amy, danni
cindy amy point steph squashing amy like a bug!

As revealed in TV Guide's October 17-23 print edition (and helpfully posted at Sucks by Jaborwok), this week's episode features two bootees. No idea how it functions (one person wins individual immunity, as in Vanuatu? One tribe confers individual immunity on the other tribe, as in Palau? We're guessing the latter). The CBS ads specifically say "Two tribal councils, one individual immunity," but that doesn't clear it up much. But we do believe that Margaret will be the person leaving Nakum.

No idea how the Yaxhas shake themselves out though. If the new Nakum has any say in it, you'd think they'd protect Amy and her multiply-injured self. Either way, Amy and Gary both seem to be better-connected with the likes of Danni, Brandon and BJ than is Brian. So barring Brian getting individual immunity either under his own power, or conferred by Nakum, he would seem the most likely Yaxha to leave.


- Last person shown at Ep3 Tribal Council, and at Ep5 TC as well.
- Was the default ex-Nakum target in Ep5 voting.

- Ep5 was thankfully free of the "I'm not a QB" story line. But now, faced with a tie, it could actually be used.

- Openly fighting with Judd ("He's a traitor") in Ep5. Not the best survival strategy.
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