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Episode 5: "Crocs, Cowboys and City Slickers" Filmed: July 8-9, 2005
Airdate: October 13, 2005
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Aired 10/9/05
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Aired 10/9/05
Episode description
Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Real media; uploaded 10/7/05)
CBS: "- When pounding rain takes its toll on a tribe, one member voices frustrations by calling out some of the others.
- An incredible Reward is won after one castaway blazes through the Challenge.
- One self-absorbed Survivor annoys the tribe with endless stories of a glamorous life beyond Survivor."
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Before Episode 1, BJ at Sucks posted a Toronto Star article about the show, which included the following: "some of the games that the Yaxha and Nakum teams (into which participants are divided) include ... a downhill race with some kind of sled." In the web promo, we see (at least) Bobby Jon and Brian on the sled, apparently at the bottom of the hill, which may be near the end. Prior to this would appear to be the scene of Bobby Jon chopping through a wooden structure (to release the sled perhaps?), and the tribe running at the start. These should all be from this challenge, because Bobby Jon is wearing his collared, dark-green shirt in the other challenge.

Who wins? Probably Yaxha, because they're shown near what looks like end (bottom of sled ride). Note: the 20-second TV ad showed the Yaxha cart racing down the hill (vidcaps below), and as they near the bottom, this releases a flag. Looks like a clear win. According to Dalton Ross on the 10/7 Survivor Live, this week's winners get a "croc-proof swimming pool."
REWARD CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click thumbnails to expand
yaxha-rc bj-rc bj-rc rc-yaxha as bj chops yaxha wins rc
yaxha wins rc rc end in cart rc end in dirt sad steph  

Brian is shown releasing a catapult, which shoots a ball that his tribemates need to catch in a triangular net (looks similar to a Thailand challenge, in which Robb got his tribe a food reward, but we'll stick with this being an IC for now). Since we have Blake as this week's boot, we'll go with a Nakum win here.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click thumbnails to expand
probst brian-ic catapulted ball ic catching bj-ic yell
jamie-ic jamie-ic blake ic blake ic  

Screw it, here you go. Pretty much the same gibberish reasoning as last week. Equal likelihood of being preposterously wrong. (Note: as posted by Jaborwok at Sucks, TV Guide's preview for next week's episode shows Amy, Danni, Steph and Cindy participating in a challenge, so all are safe this week):


- Fewest confessionals of anyone remaining (by Corvis's count).
- Last person shown (as Probst said "without tearing yourselves apart") in the Ep1 tribal council.
- Tip to TDT: Blake probably is booted by Ep5.
- Xbalanque: Blake probably gone in Ep4.

- Last person shown at Ep3 Tribal Council (Probst: "We'll see how it plays out").
- Pressure may be on him to vote out Gary.

- Seems like an odd choice for first out, but TV Guide shows Amy is safe in this episode (hat tip: Jaborwok). So it could be Gary, in theory.
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