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Episode 3: "The Brave May not Live long, but The Cautious Don't Live at All" Filmed: July 3-4, 2005
Airdate: September 29, 2005
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Aired 9/25/05
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Aired 9/24/05
Episode description
Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Uploaded 9/23/05)
CBS: "-Smoldering heat forces some Survivors to cool off in the water, risking an encounter with crocodiles.
-As a tribe attempts to rebuild their shelter, one member takes matters into their own hands and irritates the others.
-Causing sleepless nights, an inconsiderate howler monkey drives one castaway crazy.
-A termite-infested log becomes a delicacy for some castaways desperate for a change in their diet."
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There's only one challenge shown in the web promo this week. This suggests that either one of the challenges in simply not worthy of showing (which seems unlikely at this early stage), or that this might be an abbreviated (less than 3-day) episode. This is where that usually starts to happen during seasons with more than 16 contestants, so we agree with biancaxxx's theory that this may be a 1-day episode (based on the single challenge shown, and Probst saying in Ep2, as scepticA noted, that Nakum was "safe for at least one more day"). Possibly also a combined RC/IC. Regardless, we're reasonably confident the challenge below is an IC, since (1) it appears to be based on the Maya "Ball Game," which was a life-or-death affair, so it seems, well, wrong for it not to bring about a boot, and (2) we think we see the idol on the table to the left of Probst.

And when we say "based on" the Maya Ball Game, we mean "in no way resembling" the Maya Ball Game, apart from there being teams and a ball involved. This challenge appears to be much more similar to American football (hi Gary!) or perhaps basketball than an actual Maya sport, since we're fairly sure they didn't play on squishy nets. But hey, this is Survivor. Mostly the challenge appears to involve falling. Lots and lots of falling. Occasionally near a heavy-looking, spherical ball. There are color-coded goal posts. And presumably one tribe wins. Whee!

Which one does? Well, we see Queen Stephenie looking pissed off, so that's not a good sign for Yaxha. Additionally, it appears (to us, at least) that both the Nakum swims-with-crocs adventure and Amy's ankle/foot injury likely take place after the challenge. Why? Well, Brandon appears to still be wearing his headband in the boat, and seems to have traces of face paint when discussing it later. Likewise, Amy appears to have a smudge of paint on her cheek when sitting on the dock (both images from the post-Ep2 preview). So while Nakum is off having fun, Amy is busy fretting about having to talk about needles and eyeballs, and staying in the game. We're guessing these are reasonable signs that Nakum wins immunity. Again.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click to expand

You know the drill. Same potential bootees as last week. Probably just as incorrect. Let's run through them again, shall we?

gary clue?
- He's made himself a leader, despite Rafe's clear warning in Ep1 that this was unwise. Besides, Steph is the real chief.
- Flood of Gary-only football ads before Ep1 and Ep2. None for Ep3. No point trying to lure them in if he's gone at the end of it?
- Last person shown at prior TC, after Probst says "Didn't see it coming."

amy fades?
- Shown bringing up the rear in the Ep1 hike.
- Appears to suffer some sort of foot/ankle injury in Ep3. Unfortunately, that appears to be after the IC. Commence scrambling!
- In web promo (see IC caps, above), shot of her flashes, then fades to a scowling Chief Steph. Not a good sign.
brian bites it?
- Shown saving Lydia in Ep2. Despite this, Morgan doesn't seem that upset with him.
- Morgan: "I don't know if he's that good a player.

- Probably not on the losing tribe this week, but if he is, the obvious boot, based on Judd and Brandon's dissatisfaction with his camp efforts.

We're reasonably confident that the four people profiled above are not long for this game, but that doesn't really help narrow down who gets booted this specific time. So we'll do the opposite of what the title suggests, and go the safe route: Amy. She's shown injured, and that's more than we can say for Gary or Brian. And Blake, while also injured, probably doesn't go to tribal council this week.

But even having picked Amy, we're still struck by some of the CBS-provided "clues" for Gary: He's shown in the "boot position" on this week's Eyemail. He was the last person shown at the previous Tribal Council, immediately after Probst said "didn't see it coming." He's present in both the post-Ep2 preview and the web promo, as is (symbolically?) his empty shirt, draped over a Yaxha banner. Plus, we don't know about you, but we're already sick of the "I'm not a former NFL quarterback" storyline, so we're simply hoping it is mercifully dispatched ASAP. But SEG have never been the world's greatest observers of taste, so maybe we shouldn't hold our breath.

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