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Episode 11: "Everything is Personal" Filmed: July 24-26, 2005
Airdate: November 24, 2005
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gary sadVidcaps:
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Aired 11/20/05
so long garyVidcaps:
Ep11 Gary ad vidcaps

Aired 11/20/05
Episode description
Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Real media; uploaded 11/18/05)
CBS: "- One Survivor's attempt to forge an alliance is overheard by a lurking tribemate.
- A castaway is livid after a tribemate targets her for elimination in a Reward Challenge, which leads to an eruption back at camp.
- Paranoia fills the air, leading one Survivor to declare, "Everyone is lying, even the people you'd least expect!"
- Tribal Council is full of surprises when one Survivor takes advantage of the group setting to call out a tribemate. How will this influence the vote?"
Other vidcaps: Post-Ep10 TV preview (11/17) | Ep11 web promo (11/18) | Ep11 Gary ad (11/20) | NFL 10-sec TV ad (11/20) | NFL 20-sec TV ad (11/20) |
The CBS synopsis and the post-Ep10 preview both point to someone (apparently Stephenie), being angry at being targeted in the RC. With Stephenie are shown Gary, Lydia, Judd and Danni. That leaves Rafe and Cindy unaccounted for, so we'd guess they're off enjoying the reward. So someone wins (we'll guess Rafe), and takes the other. As for the challenge, we've seen a variation on it every season since S4. Yawn.
REWARD CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click to expand
blocks - rc fake gary pot - rc rafe - rc gary - out of rc reward

Another challenge, another moldy oldie, this time the run-around-and-collect-stuff-by-remembering-Probst's-story one. The web promo shows the starting line, with color-coded mats and racks for each contestant. They appear to be running to the various huts, presumably to answer questions related to a Probst historical/cultural story. If correct, they get a flag, which they race back and hang on their rack. Surprisingly, the promo also shows the end: Lydia, Judd and Cindy all failed (Judd with a feeble 3 flags, with the winner probably having 7 or 8). And we also see Probst telling the tribe, "One of you will be going home tonight." And Rafe's red sleeve is next to him. Seems likely that this is immediately after Probst has given the winner (Rafe) the necklace. biancaxxx seems to be thinking along the same lines at MeSS. Not terribly surprising that Rafe would win this one, we guess. But it looks like he might.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click to expand
ic start steph - ic lydia loses ic judd, cindy lose ic rafe wins ic

We've heard Gary just misses the family visit episode, so this would be about his last chance to do that.

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