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Episode 10: "Eating and Sleeping with the Enemy" Filmed: July 21-23, 2005
Airdate: November 17, 2005
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Aired 11/13/05
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Aired 11/13/05
Episode description
Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Real media; uploaded 11/11/05)

CBS: "- In a down-and-dirty struggle for Reward in the mud, a team is let down by the failure of one member.
- One tribemate's incessant paranoia drives another to the breaking point.
- Some feel vulnerable, and some feel sure of who should go, leading to an unpredictable Tribal Council. Will the strong survive, or will the weak slide by?"

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From the post-Ep9 preview, the RC involves a muddy obstacle course. The competition seems to be being run in pairs, with each pair tethered together at the waist. Pots also appear to be part of it: Judd and Gary are each shown carrying a clay pot of some kind. Danni and Steph (we think that's Steph, anyway) are shown at the same obstacle, so they may be on the same team. Rafe and Jamie are shown on the sidelines together, and Judd and Gary are shown together. We also see Rafe and Jamie competing against Lydia and Cindy. There only appear to be two lanes on the course, so either two pairs compete together against another two pairs, or the challenge is run in heats. More likely the latter, we guess.

What do they win? From the web promo, videos from home appear to be part of the reward. But there's also an arrival by an (apparently empty) helicopter. As quartzeye suggested at Sucks, the episode title suggests there might be an overnight getaway, including a meal. The winners may thus be a pair of enemies. That probably rules out Rafe and Jamie, because they're in an alliance (even though Jamie's paranoia is bugging Rafe). Likewise, CIndy and Lydia, neither of whom would bother anyone, can't be it. That leaves Steph and Danni (and we hear Steph say "Oh my God" when the helicopter lands), or Judd and Gary. Tough call, but we'll go along with the thinking in MeSS that this might be four-person teams. If so, the winners are most likely Steph, Danni, Gary and Judd.
REWARD CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click to expand
rafe pre-rc rc rc-judd, gary gary mud yet again jamie, rafe
danni, steph - rc judd - rc rc - helicopter rc- helicopter family

As suggested by Ives at MeSS, these caps appear to be from a non-mud challenge, and may be the IC. Ives thinks it could involve following the rope twisted around the wooden structure, to freedom and immunity. Sounds good to us. Who wins? Gary or Danni seem like good guesses. Since Danni's shown, we'll pick her.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click to expand
danni - rc ic-danni ic-danni ic-danni  

We had initially picked Jamie for this episode, based on ToothOfTime's description of Jamie winning a food challenge, and getting booted in that same episode. But clearly, since both of those facts were proven inaccurate in Ep9 (although he did indeed give up his place in line), that's no longer a factor.

Still, Jamie appears to be the obvious boot here. Stephenie was considering dumping him in Ep9, but he won immunity. And Steph and Rafe are shown asking Lydia (Jamie's only real ally) to make a difficult decision. So he should still be the odds-on favorite for a boot here. There's also the KingNeptune spoiler, which states that Jamie's twin brother Ramie got a ticket to Guatemala (for the family visit episode - either Ep11 or Ep12), but didn't travel. So a Jamie boot would fit quite well here.

Alternatively, it's possible the other combatant in the Post-Ep9 preview (Gary), goes here. But this seems a bit less likely. So we're picking Jamie for now. Stay tuned.

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