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Episode 1: "Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise" Filmed: June 27-29, 2005
Airdate: September 15, 2005
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Solo Gary intro ad

Aired 9/11
Judd/ Margaret/ Brooke/ Gary/ Jamie cast ad

Aired 9/10
Episode description
Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Real media; added 8/18/05)
CBS: "18 Survivors will be marooned within this mysterious and rugged terrain. For the first time, the castaways will actually live within the ruins of a vanished civilization. And they will be forced to embrace the ancient Maya lifestyle. Join us this fall as the adventure continues with Survivor: Guatemala, The Maya Empire."
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The official cast photo on the CBS site (copied below) shows the 16 new castaways in their tribal buffs. ET's preview shows the blue tribe is named Yaxha, and the first TV ad confirms the second part of Dan Bollinger's spoiler: the yellow tribe's name is Nakum. So, as far as the usual Ep1 surprises and/or twists go, there aren't many left. Except of course for the two returning players, Bobby Jon Drinkard and Stephenie LaGrossa, who appear neither in the Day One cast photo, nor in CBS's press release. (These two would be the "two twists" the TV ads are referring to). So the only real mysteries are when these two show up, which tribes they're on, and what their role in the game will be. More on that below....

What we can see from previews and press releases is the two tribes, wearing their new buffs, individual Guatemalan-style bags, and canteens, filing through the ruins. Presumably, Probst will greet them there with some sort of official greeting, and disperse them to their camps, about which the press release claims: "The castaways will begin their adventure with a grueling 11 mile hike through the jungle." They're also there to take pictures, of course, but we're guessing that won't be shown.
ARRIVAL vidcaps - Click to expand

We also see the Nakum (yellow) tribe, as threatened, living amongst the ruins. They are similarly- (largely just less-) clothed to their arrival pictures, and Brooke and Danni seem to be pointing a lot, perhaps during shelter construction. Smoke is visible at Nakum, so they probably have fire. According to TV Guide's print edition, this probably came as a reward for finishing the hike first. Both tribes appear to have primitive blade tools, pots, and bags of what Corvis says is flour.
NAKUM vidcaps - Click to expand

And last, but not least, we have the Yaxha (blue) tribe. The bulk of their camp vidcaps appear to come from at least Day 2, because everyone is wearing more (and mostly different) clothes than at arrival, and they already have their shelter built. And, oh yeah, they also appear to have an extra member. As pointed out by CSCin3D at Sucks, Rafe's interview video at the CBS site features a familiar-looking forehead and headband: that of Stephenie LaGrossa (right-hand picture, bottom right-hand corner). It's unclear how or when she got there (Day 1?), but she appears to be hanging out in camp at some point after the first day.
YAXHA vidcaps - Click to expand
We're not positive this challenge is the Immunity Challenge from Ep1, but it's the only one shown in the ads, and it was given an extensive description (and tested with Dream Teamers and press) in the TV Guide Channel preview, so it seems like a good guess. Plus it was shown behind Jeff Probst during the CBS News video of his cast assessments. TV Guide's look at it featured two teams of nine, so it must be from one of the first two episodes, at the very least.

For a complete overview of the challenge, refer to TV Guide's test of it, shown and described here. In the words of John Kirhoffer, "The tribe will race down, grab their boat, push it into the water. Everybody jumps into the boat, you paddle out to that pontoon, and if you can see there's torches hanging, unlit torches." The two tribes then race back to the beach, and must pull their canoes up the beach (by inserting logs underneath to help the canoe roll), then light their respective wok (shown behind Jeff Probst, below).

Who wins? Well, the shots from the ad show the two tribes racing back to the beach (at least in the caps with both canoes). At that point, Yaxha has a narrow lead. The remaining part of the challenge seems to favor strength, which would in theory make Nakum the favorite. But somehow, Nakum apparently blows it. Eagle-eyed spoiler BlindFreddy noticed that one of the official CBS photos of Amy (archived at SurvivorFever) has what looks like the immunity idol in the left-hand foreground (our comparison is above, click to expand). While it's possible this shot might be from an episode beyond Ep1, it seems most likely that Yaxha wins the Ep1 IC. Somehow.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE vidcaps - Click to expand (see also TV Guide challenge caps)
At this early stage, we're still looking for more info to help figure out likely first boot candidates. But the four below seem like a good crop from which to choose:

- Jim the firefighter would appear to be toting around multiple moon-sized targets. He's got the same profession as the last winner, Jeff Probst doesn't think too highly of his social skills, and TVGuide says he spends the morning of Day Two throwing up. Not a good situation to be in, especially when you have 20 years on the next-oldest contestant on your tribe.

- Brooke is also a possibility. She may be viewed as the weakest link on her tribe (about which she seemed aware pre-game). But she appears to be angling for UTR status, and is shown involved in various camp-related work activities, so she may avoid immediate removal.

- The two (other) models, Blake and Danni are also potential boot candidates. Blake seems to spend a lot of time removed from the tribe, and apart from a scene of him lying down, has been fairly invisible thus far in CBS's ad campaign. Danni is a dark-horse candidate here, simply because Jeff Probst's pre-game assessments of her (here, and here) have been so conspicuously positive. Like Blake, she's been shown in trouble in the CBS ads (sliding down a hill).

Still, nothing much solid to go on, but time's up for guessing. We'll go with Jim, who seems the most obvious candidate. And that pick seems to be the conventional wisdom, anyway. Please CBS, no more "twists" in Ep1, so that we can have some more useful vidcaps next time.

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